Pepsi Saves the World

katma 9 Nis 2017
Kendall Jenner & Pepsi save the world
Interview with Prank Invasion Actress ►
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  • Sorry guys, I know we're a little late to the Pepsi party, we were out to lunch like the Ubuntu girl and only just got back. Appreciate ya. Interview with Prank Invasion Actress ►

  • There's definitely a protest or two today

  • honestly i liked the commercial. I never understood and still don't understand the hate surrounding it.

  • Wow do we really need Pepsi now

  • I died watching this video but thanks to pepsi, phew

  • We've never needed Pepsi more.

  • Fuck this still makes me cry fuckin laughing

  • 40 grams of suger what the fuck do you americans drink

  • 2020 needs a Pepsi lol 😂

  • America could really use a lot of Pepsi right now. 😂

  • Anyone got this recommended now that there are riots in the US?

  • If she was in Minneapolis She should of got maced

  • We need her to give people Pepsi now more than ever

  • Should try this tactic out now

  • Ethan was right may 2020

  • Soda vided

  • who's here after the protests?

  • All the us protests needed was pepsi.

  • Time to bring this back

  • They need Kendal to give Pepsi to the cops right now

  • Anyone else recognise that song from that 2 second pepsi ad clip? amazing. big brain

  • this aged well

  • Hello from 2020, where the world just need a little pepsi from Kendall Jenner

  • pepsi: the solution to ww3

  • When Ethan was funny

  • Now there are actual protest going on

  • When we needed her most, she disappeared

  • Where we needed her most, she wasn't there

  • Guys we need kendall again

  • Anyone watching in 2020? America needs a Pepsi

    • Andy Dalley I feel like this commercial was going good until Kendall Gave the Cop a Pepsi

  • After needing her most, she vanished

  • When the world needed her most, she disappeared...

  • We were shown this commercial in school and the teachers thought it was an “inspiring”

  • America needs Kendall now


    • Where's Kendall Jenner with a can of Pepsi when you need her?!

  • this aged well

  • If Pepsi released this commercial today they would be shut down

  • Lushux brought me here during the Minneapolis riots of 2020

  • Ngl Ethan do be lookin kinda thicc in that spiderman costume

  • Who else came here from Minneapolis riot?

  • Who else is watching this during the violent protests in Minneapolis

  • Pepsi bout to sponsor Minneapolis

  • Only Pepsi can save Minneapolis now...

  • Ey wtf Hila was drinking alcohol at the start lol

  • I bet they didn’t clean their seats

  • Ethan: “would u like a pepsi?” Homeless man: “I dont know”

  • The funniest man on the planet

  • This is pretty absurd to watch in May 2020 lol

  • 👍🏿

  • The music that starts at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="666">11:06</a> reminds me of Technology Connections, but like a really bloody version.

  • Live, for now.

  • really need pepsi rn 🥵

  • God, I want that hat. Can’t find it anywhere!

  • Her reactions make me feel like he surprises her with his bullshit everyday and that’s how you know they’re happy together lmao

  • but why was this add bad. somebody please explain. idk it was a random commercial like every other commercial

  • i am traumatised

  • Its funny because it's always the liberals that are protesting over nothing and stopping the country from having a conversation, they just shout at you for being a conservative and they want to take away free speech. (Not saying every liberal is this way)

  • Coke must be doing well.

  • Who's binging all the old H3 vids?

  • Did Michelle Obama actually make a video for h3h3

  • I wonder if anyone actually thought Ethan was dying

  • wow how comedic of TRtorrent to recommend this video in this moment

  • This is rasict because they don't give a shit about none of the people in the vid and there exploiting ....hahahahahahaha was writing when you said they should shoot her and started ROFL lol I'm dead I lost my thing I was writing lol

  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="540">9:00</a> I literally died when he explained that.

  • What happen to u Ethan

  • Live .... for now **maniac evil corporate laugh**

  • I actually like the commecial, its like instead of war and hate, we just need to sit down and drink a pepsi together.

  • Modern day commercials make me want to be a terrorist.

  • Hila is so cute. I want to hug her.

  • you know as i get older i find things less and less funny but at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="537">8:57</a> i genuinely laughed out loud thank you ethan

  • 2020 and this is still one of the greatest youtube intros

  • The funny thing is, this was probably instantly demonetized, while the videos with the really wack "family friendly" content got paid for daaaays. Good job TRtorrent.

  • Surprised they didn't mention Coca Cola you know it being the king of diabete based beverages.

  • Wtf wtf

  • chonky spoderman

  • Hahahhaa

  • C

  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="534">8:54</a> is the best part.... "Seeeyyyyrupp"

  • U guys remind me of me and my wife you wanna chill go 4 player coop hitmeup

  • It be like 👩‍🦳 🗡👮🏻‍♂️