MIRALEM PJANIC VS JIMMY BULLARD 🔥| You Know The Drill | Juventus

katma 17 Oca 2020
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Jimmy Bullard was joined by Juventus star midfielder Miralem Pjanić for this weeks You Know The Drill.

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  • Welcome to Barca Pjanic

  • It's unlucky that Bullard had to have an off day against this level of competition. Never seen him do bad on 1v1s like that.

  • Don't dare you come to Barça pjanic. Please don't come.....

    • lmfao he's better than all of our midfielders except busquets

  • 2:12 nice

  • 68 shooting on fifa? Ea tripping

  • Jimmy left his shooting boots at home this video

  • Oh my God you can see the difference between pro football player and you. Also I hate how you call him, in Bosnia & Herzegovina we call him "Pjanke"!

  • Italian keepers Jimmy....

  • Bosnian legend

  • Pjanic ist the best player on the world

  • ⚜️⚜️⚜️⚜️⚜️⚜️

  • A great occasion for preak Jimmy to learn how to play football!

  • Nas bosancheros

  • Lajk ako si iz BIH HR Itd

  • miri special

  • how did this even happen?

  • pjanic looking and holding jimmy's shoulder at the start is pretty awkward lol

  • Jimmy just a great host... seems like a fun chap!

  • Imagine having to watch Cole Skuse week in week out whilst this man exists

  • Doyving header BIG DOG

  • Forza Juve

  • Bulldog: get on this then miry Bulldog: misses the first 3 Miry: you need to score 7 to win Bulldog: that’s why I’m here Bulldog: scores none love it absolute class

  • Pjanic is a different gravy

  • Real Bosnian

  • The way Pjanic strikes the ball is unreal...the technic, composure and everything...it’s like he’s not even trying

  • Our national footballer

  • Pjanic another bosnian Diamond 💙🇧🇦‼️❗

  • Pjanic's ball for jimmy's volley is outstanding to watch... The weight, the position it drop and etc. absolute perfection

  • That keeper is pretty good!

  • Pjanic is officially now Mirry.

  • Pjanic legenda jos samo da ode do premier league

  • What a baller pjanic is

  • All pro footballers at the top level should have technical ability like Pjanic tbh. I know they don't but they should

  • Pjanuc is a proper player. Jimmy's volley the puck though

  • Hahahah pjanic is different gravy compared to the lads he is usually up against🤣

  • Pjanic is a baller. He looks like Jesse pinkman from breaking bad

  • I am a Juventus fan and Pjanic sucks!!! Awful player. Fuck pjanic!! Fuck all our midfielders!!

  • How was Bullard a professional

  • Piamonte calcio

  • Pjanic just been cooking some Crystal yo

  • Juve and Konami’s marketing is insane

  • First player on YKTD to have played in a World Cup final?? And it’s the one crossing the ball in

  • Jimmy is just so funny :)))

  • Bullard complete joke as a footballer

  • The gulf on class seeing this compared to the usuals doing it

  • Pjanic is just exceptional. Generational talent. Sad Barcelona never signed him.

  • Anyone that wears 11 degrees is a different breed but a 40 year old man wearing it???

  • 👍

  • Could watch them volleys over n over n over again

  • Pjanic is absolute class and a legend in the making.

  • Jimmy is trash ahahah

  • he’s unbelievable

  • I'm from Bosnia....and I'm very proud and happy you filmed with ours litlle prince...greetings ❤🇧🇦🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

  • terrible shirt on Pjanic lmao poor guy had to wear that shitty $5 lookin jersey

  • I never knew miralem was this good👏👏💪💪SVAKA ČAST KRALJU

  • How tf has Jimmy Bullard ended up in Turin 😂😂😂 man was doing videos at Lincoln city the other day

  • Pjanic technically pure filth 🔥🔥🔥 Jimmy’s Buddy Holly was caviar right enough

  • Pjanic looks more like a Fortnite streamer than a footballer but that man can flat out PLAY

  • Keeper is more than decent

  • Iz Kalesije mali❤

  • Reminds me of Bernardo Silva

  • “ anything you’re mate Ronaldo can do”

  • Brilliant Jimmy lad

  • Jimmy is better than Joelinton.

  • He's a joke, what a player 🔥

  • But he was so good in the demo!?

  • You mean piemonte calcio

  • Pjanic is different class🙌 too much sauce

  • Yep, cool af.

  • Cristiano was so lucky to not having you behind him Jim.

  • 3:01 pure filth

  • What a strike jeff

  • I think I'm better than both they've just got better stamina than me

  • Jimmy crumbled under pressure 😂

  • Jheeez 😂the difference between what jimmy is usually up against compared to this lad . Fokkkkkk me . Different gravy

  • Diving header!!! hahahaha

  • International with it👀

  • Take it Ronaldo was doing his hair.....

  • That volley from jim was the nuts 💥

  • Waiting for him to bring Ronaldo out like 😏