Usher - #VevoCertified Part 2: Usher and His Fans

katma 20 Eki 2014
Usher - #VevoCertified Part 2: Usher and his fans
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  • OMG he absolutely gawjus can't wait till he comes Bk the UK we see him live in Ldn I thought ide died n gone to heaven Dammm Boi 😍😍when the Pandemic ovrer get back the UK again. Come on you can stay in mine 🤣🤣😍😍😍💙 From Liverpool 🤜🤛

  • Usher Raymond Legend👋

  • 👋👍💫

  • Usher bring us to an ather world !!!

  • Usher is unique there's nobody who's can be like him .Because you give me that feeling to move on

  • Give me love

  • Man he is sexy.............


  • Love being A fan 21+

  • Hell yeyah Yep ""PHENOMINAL"

  • Usher you’re so cool 😎

  • orda bi yerde benim seni yenicegim gunu bekledigini biliyorum, cunku love is powerful :P ve ben bu dunyanin gordugu en buyuk asik olucam :) en iyi icin calisip, en kotuye hazirlikli olmaya calisarak ve insanin sadece bi gulumsemeyle doyabilevegini ve bunun en buyuk zenginlik oldugunu gosteticem, daha once de birinden ogrendigim uzere :)

  • burda olmasan anlardim.

  • I love you

  • 2017 I will always be listening to your music

  • Been a fan since was around 7

  • Ushers one of the coolest artists around. Grateful he's always going strong

  • Guys I just want to point out that Usher's my husband...even though I've never met him. He'll come to Michigan though cause his wife's here(ME). Haha, love ya Usher!

  • 😍😍😍😇

    • LovelyDanny24 o😃😃😃😃😂😂😂😂🎏🎏🎏🎏🎏🎏🎏

  • You're my inspiration.breath you #Usher #Usherson

  • amoooooooooor

  • Why Portugal its blocked? I cant see your videos o.O

  • I love u xxx I'm. Your biggest fan 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • I love love love love Usher

  • i love him so much n i love his song too n usher u are the best

  • I love usher

  • Great!@ 8

  • no boo Usher is all mys

  • Get it DWAAAAAAADDYYYY!! @Jason Milligan

  • love youn usher you inspire me hope i get to meet you im your nunber1 fan i know everything about you aint now body love you more

  • Usher is incredible. I know he means what he says. He's calm when he talks, but very sincere. Love you Usher and keep making music that we all love, because you're so unique and I love that❤👏👑

  • what a boss

  • he is awesome

  • Follow me on instagram @brownskindoll24 I follow back

  • When I were younger I grabed a toboggan and a chin and spun that chain around my neck just like usher I fucking love him

  • Finally comnentos work

  • Usher, Xiaojia master. Ha ha! Bieber is really God Ah! !

  • I just wanna meet usher!!! Just kick it for a day like two homies that go way back!!!

  • THATS ME IN THE VIDEO!!!!!!!!!!! THE 1ST GUY!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • love you so much keep going

  • Usher is one of the greatest of all time. Nobody can deny him that.

  • You know what's hot a cover I did in the mix

  • The thumbs down is hilarious. Usher your the greatest..thumbs up ...all the way UP.!!!

  • Usher Incontestável Usher unico

  • He's classic, he's so unic really!

  • It's Cool!

  • Usher a true icon

  • I LOVE you so much USHER!!! YOU are so AMAZING at everything you do!! Keeping making music for us!!

  • Yes! Thank YOU Usher! Love you so much!!! Keep doing you!!

  • your an inspiration!

  • I love you!!

  • A Leagend An Icon no words can describe this man #yeahman

  • I love you usher!!!!!

  • Oooooo

  • usher amazing!!!!