NCT 127 엔시티 127 'Punch' MV

katma 19 May 2020
NCT 127's 2nd Album Repackage 'NCT #127 Neo Zone: The Final Round' is out!
Listen and download on your favorite platform:
01 Punch
02 NonStop
03 서곡 (序曲; Prelude)
04 영웅 (英雄; Kick It)
05 꿈 (Boom)
06 낮잠 (Pandora's Box)
07 Day Dream (白日夢)
08 너의 하루 (Make Your Day)
09 Interlude: Neo Zone
10 뿔 (MAD DOG)
11 Sit Down!
12 메아리 (Love Me Now)
13 우산 (Love Song)
14 백야 (White Night)
15 Not Alone
16 Dreams Come True
17 Elevator (127F)
NCT 127 Official
#NCT127 #Punch #NeoZone_TheFinalRound
NCT 127 엔시티 127 'Punch' MV ℗ SM Entertainment


  • Jangan males males lo pada, klo males gua kirim rudal sama santet...awas aja

  • 16m today! it's not likely 127 will get an inkigayo win as v1ews are a huge part of the winning criteria, but let's keep working hard!!


  • вперед за 4 победой(≧∇≦)

  • Let's try to win tomorrow and next week czennies!!! Don't forget to vote on mcountdown, whosfan and idolchamp apps~

  • Road to 4th Win!

  • девочки поднажмём!!!

  • 15,837,439

  • Am I the only 1 who felt in love with this part <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="162">2:42</a>


  • Punch #3rdwin

    • remove the tag. Thank you

  • selam nasılsınız? ben de iyiyim saol. evet evet yemek yedim. sen yedin mi? he tamam afiyet olsun.

  • Inkigayo criteria 55% > Digital Sales 5% > Physical Sales 35% > SNS Points (Yt vi3ws, comment, likes, twitter mentions, twitter likes, hastags) 10% > Live Voting (on Melon Aztalk, you need verified Melon account to vote) 5% > Pre Voting (message the group name's to +821245, change ur phone's time zone to KST before sending messages) dont be afraid of Inkigayo tomorrow, keep str3aming we can do it we fight together!!

    • Does youtube comments count or only on twt??


  • 오늘도 당신 곁에 행복한 씨앗이 싹트기를🍀🌏

  • I love you oktavia 💙

  • 15, 834, 395 as of 19.18 KST

  • Another version of NCT127 👏 Another part in the history of K-pop🤟👌 Proud to be nctzen 💪 #taeyong😍


  • We need more effort, more vot3, more str3aming for our king. Let's give them 4th win

  • Tomorrow, they'll perform at Inkigayo. Can we give them the 4th win? I really wanna see Jaehyun announce the winner is his own group

    • That would be amazing but i dont think if they win he will announce it


  • Я смотрю этот клип уже 15456463675778754 раз подряд , как остановиться

  • Hey we ballin' ~

  • 15.834

  • let's make 4th win tomorrow, and don't forget to vote on idolchamp & mwave

  • Guys please tell me how to vote at whosfan app. And are there any voting polls for Inkigayo tomorrow?

    • Here's a detailed tutorial

    • When you open whosfan app, go to my page, then my credit then participate. There's no voting poll for inkigayo.

  • 127 postss are so cute ㅠㅠ

  • I'm wondering if we can get the 4st Win for them, I think we can. We just need to keep watching. *green heart/s*

  • Hi everyone! we definitely won't win on inkigayo tomorrow since they'll be going up against IU and inkigayo has huge scores for digitals BUT we can give the boys 4th win on next weeks mcountdown, mubank, and music core if we str3am harder (the mv and the music core stage on naver) and win all prev0ting and live v0ting !!! let's get it!

  • 15,834

  • Again, everyone please keep tr3nding #BlackLivesMatter. Please be respectful and put Punch3rdWin in your name or bio instead of tr3nding the hashtag. We shouldn't overshadow this important issue

  • 15.834

  • fighting! tomorrow is Inkigayo, please be ready for everything, let's keep working. we have big chance to win next Thursday at Mcountdown! Regular has 4 wins, let Punch surpass that!

  • punch3rdwin 15,834m

  • . !plaa aiioioiuh9o9

  • SBS inkigayo criteria : Scoring is relative, so the eligible song with the highest score in each category will receive the maximum number of points in that category 50% Digital - maximum 5,500 points • Melon, Genie, Bugs • Data collected from Monday (13 days before broadcast) - Monday (6 days before broadcast) 4.5% Physical Album Sales - maximum 500 points • Gaon album chart • Data collected from Monday (13 days before broadcast) - Monday (6 days before broadcast) 31.8% SNS - maximum 3,500 points • Data from TRtorrent, Twitter, Weibo, YinYueTai • Data collected from Monday (13 days before broadcast) - Monday (6 days before broadcast) Guys, We can see the digital points are very important so if you have Korean sites, please st43am there. There are free coupons on twitter. Unfortunately if these sites aren't available in your country. I have a link which you can download and install the genie app. Also keep st43aming it on TRtorrent itself.

    • @random lee Yeah, like for how much time was NCT and punch trending and all.

    • Is the twitter one in sns criteria that one where you have to use a certain tag?

  • Kajaaaa czennies 150k more to get 16M. Remember our goals to get 20M!!! And thankyou for all your hardwork czennies and also our boys! Let's get em another win!

  • Party

  • For as long as they're promoting, we can't give up on having more winss. Fighting czennies! Congrats to us :)). Im so happy

  • fighthing

  • semangat

  • We can do this FIGHTING CIZENII

  • Son igual ke michos siempre lo mismo mmmmmm😙😀😀😘🤘

  • Let’s make 16m!

  • Congratulations our 127 for 3 wins in a row! Let's watch the video and vote more to give them more chances czennies

  • the chorus just hits so different omg

  • we have to watch more to be first tomorrow czennie

  • Gooo streammmm

  • 3rd win!!! U deserve it

  • go go goo!

  • Gaada akhlak emg jaehyun ganteng nya

  • Woow


  • Grass let's get 16M tonight, we are getting 16M if we'll have team work! getting 16M rn will really help them tomorrow for inkigayo, let's end the day with 16M and ready for punch 4th win! fighting again 16M!

  • Congratulations we won the 3rd time (green hearts)

  • Kapan lagu ini berhenti tergantung di kepala ku?? (ಥ ͜ʖಥ)(ಥ ͜ʖಥ)

  • Mark lee Ma babe Ma babe Ma babe Ma babe Ma babe Ma babe Ma babe Ma babe Ma babe Yeahh you're the only ma babe[green loves for ya]

  • Jaee maap yaa, aku oleng bentar ke doyii :

  • Heyyy we ballin

  • jangan lupa ajak sanak saudara keluarga sahabat kakak adik mama papa simbah akung budhe pakdhe sepupu ganteng sepupu cangtip terutama keponakan krucil-krucil yang suka ngehabisin kuota ortunya buat nontonin youtube, ayo diajak untuk s+r34m punch kalo bisa dipaksa !!

  • Jaehyun tampan jodoh orang

  • Doyoung ganteng gak ada akhlak

  • lets get 4th win!!

  • ayoookk 20M NCTzens letss get it!!!

  • heyyyyyyyyyyyyy weeeee ballinnnnnnnnnn

  • praying so yt wont delete our hardwork again

  • Baju taeyong gak ada akhlak

  • This music vibe is really suitable for e-sport championship soubdtrack

  • 15 833

  • 3rd won. Besok Jae kasih trophy ke member, 4th win. Aamiin

  • Gaiseuuuu vote di whosfan sama mwave!!!!! Penting banget pliss kasi tau yang lain juga

  • congratulations my babies!!!

  • Fav part "hot hot hot"

  • 🐍🐍🐍🐍

    • listen you dumb anti, if you dont like nct then why bother coming? you are giving us views anyway

    • Hello can you pls delete the em0ji?

    • dont use this em0ji thx

  • So SM, did yall learn now that r8 timing of comeback are necessary to win many thropies? I hope they get many thropies for kick it too. But at least they got paidback this time


  • Gilak si ini keren batt

  • 16M please

  • Mark, aku lagi belajar utbk sbmptn. Doain aku ya lulus.

    • @unnoticed fangirl okee deh. Semangat ya! Semoga dapet univ yg diinginkan

    • ujian mandiri juga ga semua pake rapot tergantung univ hyung.

    • aamiin yank,,, -mark

    • Amin. Loh bukannya skrg sistemnya pake rapot ya? Apa cmn buat ujian mandiri aja yg rapot?