I The Mighty "The Dreamer" (Lyric Video)

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Wake up
Hey lucid dreamer make up your mind caught on the other side
You feel the world stop spinning just before you see the light
Knowing you'll wake in your empty room, you dream for the one you swoon
But dark clouds are arriving the sun will be rising soon
And that's just the problem
The silence before the storm
Can't you feel the earthquake comin' on?
You wake to find that she doesn't even know you're alive
You sew your eyes shut open up
'Cause there's no way that you can wake up until you tell her so
You know it's not the real world, you can't imagine what her touch could be
Back when the hour glass was full, thought you could float upon a different breeze
But now that wind is starting to blow not in your control
And it's almost dawn, can't you feel the earthquake comin' on?
You wake to find that she doesn't even know you're alive
You sew your eyes shut open up
'Cause there's no way that you can wake up until you tell her so
Until you tell her so
So you curse at the sun to give into your love like a switch that can be turned on
Like you sleep with a plug in your back sure enough there's a point it will come undone
Well you're not alone
You're not alone
You're not alone (Not alone)
You're not alone (Not alone)
'Cause she sleeps in fear of another year that you keep averting your eyes
You don't have a clue that she stares at you cause you busy dreaming a lie
A lie, a lie, a lie
You can't wake up because you live this lie that she doesn't even know you're alive
You sew your eyes shut open up
'Cause there's no way that you can wake up until you, you have to, you have to tell her so
#ITheMighty #KarmaNeverSleeps


  • Found a spelling error in the video. eh. whatever. *Ignores for own sanity*

  • This is my favorite song of all time. And I’ve said it for the last 6 years

  • 19 anybody?

  • can bands with full grown dudes not using naked women as cover album. art my ass

  • I could do with out the yeeeah part, I think it should speed up and get heavier there but other than that this song is fucking fire.

  • this song is the biggest lie ever

  • 2018??


  • First song I listen to when my wife left

  • The wind is starting blow @ <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="105">1:45</a> lmao next time typo check guys. But fr love this song and you guys so much ! ✨

  • For the life of me, I can't understand how someone could enjoy their new album after hearing this. I totally get bands evolving, but the new album definitely felt like a devolution. This has so many intricacies and layers. The lyrics are meaningful and multifaceted. The new album is literally the exact opposite. Such a disappointment... :(

    • I couldn’t agree more. Their music is like Benjamin button. Nothin compares to this EP and Satori

  • Still listening to this song in 2018

  • trtorrent.info/watch/l4B_lNOgpmelfcQ.html

  • cm punk

  • Did anyone notice that they spelled because wrong at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="219">3:39</a> ?

  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="184">3:04</a> This is honestly the best part of this song for me. Because it's expressing how ironic the situation is, he's too busy doubting that she even knows he exists, when in reality, she has a crush on him as well! xD

  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="216">3:36</a> "Because" spelled wrong. Gimme my Ws.

  • i still listen till this time 2018

  • *you're Either way, it's a fucking amazing song, band, and all

  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="220">3:40</a> in the lyric video, "because" is spelled wrong ):

  • *cause YOU’RE busy dreaming a lie

  • Yes ❤️

  • That girl is a weird chandelier...

  • Did anyone else notice they spelled Because wrong near the end of the song. Love you I the mighty.

  • 1st song that made me love them

  • А можно перевод этой песни на русский?)

  • Can't believe they're not big, they don't have the attention they deserve.

  • love it

  • "you can't wake up becuase you live this lie", Oh well i think there is a mistake becuase this is not supposed to be writed this way xD ( Beautiful music tho )

    • Becuase English Adverb becuase: 1. Misspelling of because That's why i said that it was not supposed to be written that way : typo x)

    • Io The Fox - Osu!mania What do you mean not supposed to be written this way? Thats what he says and thats what the lyrics say in the video and in the description b

  • Im in love with this song

  • I love how that even in a lyric video they got a "you're" wrong like HOW lmaoooooooooooo

    • You're* (lol) completely correct, and I retract my statement. Good eye!

    • 3:36 has a 'Becuase' as well

    • Travisty 3:23

    • Looked through the entire video, there isn't a single your/you're out of place.

    • uc79newtype when does it get a you're wrong?

  • Heard this in a wig tutorial and I love ittt

  • The typos, they hurt my eyes

    • Tell me about it.

  • they remind me of set it off so much and i dont know why but i fucking love it

  • Wow just came across this and I am very excited and impressed. I think I just found a new favorite band !

  • I found this on accident and it's now my favorite song

  • Can't you feel the earthquake comin' on?

  • This one hit way too close to home.

  • Omg I just found this and I love it sooooo much!!!!


  • Just scrolling through TRtorrent and find this under my recommendations. Greatest accidental find ever. Awesome band

  • the natewantstobattle vibes are real

  • this band and highly suspect are my new favorited bands!

  • i love this song omggggg

  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="219">3:39</a> becuase! :D

    • 10/10 spelling

  • Ahhhhh, it finally hit a million


  • One of the most underrated bands of all time.

    • And what about Feed her to the sharks?

    • +Rolando Rivera Bloodborne And Dark Souls are live :D

    • I don't know if you've ever been to a concert where C&C headlined but I have. Nobody moved until Coheed hit the stage i swear.

    • +Cole Meyers You have a Bloodborne picture. I respect you sir and I agree.

    • The dear hunter. Coheed and Cambria.

  • Love It

  • Dang, this song is quite sad in a lovely way.

  • this song is good


  • The sound of Rise Against combined with the voice of Ronnie Radke. I may be in love

  • This is one of those songs that I can listen to a million times and I will never get tired of it. Still one of my favorites.

  • After listening to this song for about a week, i had my first Lucid Dream experience on the weekend, after trying for years... I am infinitely grateful!

    • I've been having those ever since I can remember and a lot of the time I just think of what I want my dream to be about just before I fall asleep and then that's what I have and it comes in handy when I'm having nightmares.

    • +Hunter Thomas if*

    • +James Heffer easy way to know of you've lifted is to tie a ribbon on your finger or ankle so you can't even feel it, when you lift and look down the ribbon won't be there, it also helps trigger it.

    • I wish i could do that, but i live in the city. There is a constant unending drone.

    • +Jimbob Sherwood Definitely not man, do some googling, I found a cool technique a few years back, if everything is silent, like dead silent, lie in bed, in the dark of course, and just listen to yourself breathe :), eventually you'll start hearing more clearly and then eventually you'll be sleeping but you're still awake type of vibe.

  • HLH / I the mighty @ Dipiazas 2012. top 3 show i been to

  • This is the type of music that makes you appreciate inanimate objects, such as a toaster, or a sock

  • much crazy

  • bem louco

  • Saw them live with hands like houses and too close to touch.. Best concert of my life..

  • If you guys like this band please checkout Arcane Roots from the uk, just as talented but with more of a hard rock element

  • At <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="221">3:41</a>, they misspelled "because", and spelled it as "becuase" instead.

  • this is beautiful

  • Rike u if still Listened 2016

    • 2017

    • +SweChapz Listened for the first time on 1/28/2016

    • +Ryan Cox I was drunk, sry.

    • +SweChapz what the hell are you even talking about? you posted that 4 months ago. In 2015. Where do you live to where you're in 2016 and I'm not? hahaha

  • This song literally describes me in a nutshell currently..


  • Hi 2015 here still haven't found a song better than this one.

  • That is thee most awkward background pic for a lyric vid. Just why.

  • I came here because this was in a CM Punk tribute

  • queer

  • This bands fucking amazing! influencing alot of my vocal decisions for my upcoming album :P - been stuck on this band and The Amity affliction alot lately. would be sick if both of those bands toured together

  • The part leading up to the chorus sounds like Santana a bit

  • The musics great but having that album cover on my screen makes me moderately uncomfortable

    • TheChosenSquirrel ^^ weirdos lmao

    • @WCRoss0 Fuck yeah buddy! #fullhomotillidie

    • @Bow To Murderous Yankiis Towering From Void yeaaaa buddy. Homo til I die!!!

    • Could be asexual, unlike my brother. @WCRoss0

    • +TheChosenSquirrel Wow you must be easily offendable

  • Still can't hit that high note on the "yeaaaaaaaaaah", props to the high notes :P

  • This was one of the first songs i ever heard when i met my girlfriend and for that reason this song always has good memories.... oh and its fucking awesome!

    • Listen to the rest of the rest of thier songs, theyre an amazing band

    • Wow, you're famoose (famous in a really weird voice).

  • Been looking for this song for 3 years, the only thing I could remember was the part that goes "yeah". I'm so fucking happy right now.

    • Dude same! But the part I remembered was "she lives in fear of another year"

    • It's been on my mind for a few years now, but only these past few months have I been trying to find it. Sweet victory.

    • Hypnos im just happy i could hit that note when I sing

    • @xXnotyourheroXx Thank you :) I like your name btw ^

  • you're *

  • Reminds me of a mix of Saosin and Emarosa...really beautiful melodies though

  • I didn't even mean to click on this video but... I think I'm in love

  • Amazing! Good singer! Unfortunately, I think good singers are scarce in this kind of music nowadays and most of them use auto tune or stuff like that