Polo G - Wishing For A Hero (feat. BJ The Chicago Kid) [Official Video]

katma 20 May 2020
Official video for "Wishing For A Hero" by Polo G featuring BJ The Chicago Kid.
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Produced by: The Superiors
Co-Produced & Arranged by: Jeff “Gitty” Gitelman for Gitty Music, Inc.
Additional production by: Priority Beats
Additional vocals by: Amanda Brown, Danielle Withers & PHER
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  • Broooo this is sooo good Grammy level

  • Y’all see von up in there

  • FIRE 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Polo is the realest rapper and spits pure facts 💯


  • Love u bro Plz dont go i love dont die like the other legends Plz clab wid tjat

  • Sad shit

  • So song make sence

  • 2pac sang this song for hope in change and polo g sings it now for hope to live on for change 🐐🐐

  • Protect polo

  • Bro this fire and it got dislikes man this is about color

  • polo really the goat speaking nothing but the truth

  • this deserves a grammy.

  • who caught king von at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="38">0:38</a>

  • the dislikes are all racist people :(

  • If you ain’t my color you don’t know the struggle of living black. Rip Jorge

  • Who the fuck disliked this video. It’s crazy that 2k people are racist in this world... I’m white and I have no problems with anyone’s skin color. And every time anyone says shit abt someone’s skin color I legit get confused. WHY TF DO PEOPLE CARE SO MUCH ABT SKIN COLOR. I’m getting really mad while writing this so I gotta stop

  • This is amazing

  • #BlackLivesMatter R.I.P George Floyd

  • Polo f***** G!!! I'M PROUD OF YOU BRUH

  • Ima be blasting this song in my car

  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="38">0:38</a> had king von bro where the hit at tho

  • if someone kills polo istg imma fuck them up my self i have the most respect for him hes got the best songs stay blessed

  • damn he really has confidence to step on to 2pacs beat but he just fed bars nothing more nothing less❤️

  • America is acc fucked badly they dont give a shit about nun all trumps fault on god lets all move to canada now

  • somethings will never change... that hit

  • Polo g has a Tupac mindset fr This has a strong message

  • rip tupac

  • Polo G will be the new generation Tupac

  • they didn't buy the billboard and did a terrible job putting the album cover on it. Terrible i could do better

  • They said they would serve and protect us.

  • "Rappers doing more stunning than giving back" spoken by a true goat 💪


  • They killed Martin for dreaming now I cant sleep. That hits hard😥

  • What Everone don’t wanna see on the news: “Rapper polo g found dead in appartment

  • This guy just have the powers to spit on tupacs beat

  • Polo G the Goat

  • No disrespect for Tupac but i think Polo pulled it of better!!

  • I listen to this playlist everyday

  • U Ain’t My Color Then U don’t the struggle of living black RIP George Floyd RIP Martin Luther king RIP 2PAC

  • those black mommas spitting facts thats just the way it is

  • This is a real song tho

  • And just when I thought I lost love for modern day rap I discover this awesome artist. Broooooooooo! This is real fire man I love this fucking song g

  • Been waiting on this beat to be remixed... rip pac 4 life and polo g coming up 🙏 the goat is here to stay 💯

  • 2pac is happy 🤝🏾✊🏾

  • GOAT

  • I love how he has his sister in his videos.🤩💕

  • “They killed Martin for dreamin now I can’t sleep” 😭😭😭🔥✊🏼✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿

  • Polo G really did this real visonary. He's probably at his crib feeling like that so raven rn.

  • I swear the beat drop at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="17">0:17</a> where the gun shoots😳😳😳 was uuuuuughhh... Good (also his sister at the end was the most wholesome thing ever)

  • "We die young so I couldn't picture a older me " facts

  • 2 pac is def proud rn


  • POLO G this is right on time kidd, you crushed it Pac smiling

  • Good vibes

  • Nice idea doing a changes remix

  • List in order on who was the better rapper. Big Pun , Big L , Pac , Biggie 1. Pun 2. Biggie 3. Big L 4. Pac

  • this why u gin always be my favorite rapper

  • This song means so much

  • Good song to show the message i come from chicago to i hope everyone makes it out🙏🙌

  • Only ogs remember 2 pac version

  • We need more rappers like this it keep my head straight

  • Amazing

  • #blacklivesmatter💯

  • Passion in every lyric❤️

  • this deserves at least 10 mill by now??

  • As a white Male I don't experience what you all go through. I'm sorry their are people from my race targeting others due to their race. The shit has to stop. Criminal justice reform is a huge step in the right direction. Keep delivering your message dude. Some are going to hate it but that's what the truth does to people.


  • This deserves way more views..

  • I used this song for my intro to help make a difference this hits me different my mindset is way different know all to you polo thank you!

  • “If the police shoot at one of my brothers I’m shooting back” faxx

  • My uncle got infected with corona He really liked this song and Polo I hope i can meet you 1 day and tell you how much u inspire me and how lucky chicago is to have you

  • He said it was going to have

  • V I C T I M C O M P L E X

  • They Kill Martin For Dreaming & Now I Cant Sleep 😤✊🏿✨#BLM -

  • I don’t really listen to polo g but he gain my respect ✊🏽💯

  • ahead of his time salute king

  • This man is important

  • This song deserves a grammy

  • We all finna rise together. Fight for what's right and then some.