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10:08What Cereal Mascot Would Win In A Fight?
What Cereal Mascot Would Win In A Fight?görünümler 16 BGün önce
7:52Pat McAfee Was SLAPPED IN THE MOUTH By Frito Lay
1:59:11The Pat McAfee Show | Friday July 10th, 2020
2:50UFC Is Lying To Us About Fight Island
UFC Is Lying To Us About Fight Islandgörünümler 55 B2 gün önce
2:39The Time Pat McAfee Almost Killed Mike Golic
The Time Pat McAfee Almost Killed Mike Golicgörünümler 85 B2 gün önce
1:59:00The Pat McAfee Show | Thursday July 9th, 2020
The Pat McAfee Show | Thursday July 9th, 2020görünümler 126 B2 gün önce
2:09:20The Pat McAfee Show | Wednesday July 8th, 2020
The Pat McAfee Show | Wednesday July 8th, 2020görünümler 143 B3 gün önce
3:56We Have A Pretty Massive Announcement...
We Have A Pretty Massive Announcement...görünümler 372 B4 gün önce
1:47Pat McAfee Will Compete In A Pro Cornhole Event
1:58:47The Pat McAfee Show | Tuesday July 7th, 2020
The Pat McAfee Show | Tuesday July 7th, 2020görünümler 135 B4 gün önce
5:50Could Aaron Rodgers Be On The Move Soon?
Could Aaron Rodgers Be On The Move Soon?görünümler 205 B5 gün önce
5:39Pat McAfee Reacts To The NFL Canceling The Preseason
2:26:25The Pat McAfee Show | Monday July 6th, 2020
The Pat McAfee Show | Monday July 6th, 2020görünümler 146 B5 gün önce
5:34His Identity Was Stolen!
His Identity Was Stolen!görünümler 55 B7 gün önce
1:51:10McAfee & Hawk Sports Talk | Thursday July 2nd, 2020
5:25What Was It Like Playing With Ken Griffey Jr?
What Was It Like Playing With Ken Griffey Jr?görünümler 57 B9 gün önce
2:09:15The Pat McAfee Show | Thursday July 2nd, 2020
The Pat McAfee Show | Thursday July 2nd, 2020görünümler 119 B9 gün önce
2:53Is This The Beginning Of The Chiefs Downfall?
Is This The Beginning Of The Chiefs Downfall?görünümler 476 B10 gün önce
4:46Is Cam Newton Going To Be The Backup In New England?!
2:13:40The Pat McAfee Show | Wednesday July 1st, 2020
The Pat McAfee Show | Wednesday July 1st, 2020görünümler 127 B10 gün önce
1:27:10McAfee & Hawk Sports Talk | Tuesday June 30th, 2020
2:11:41The Pat McAfee Show | Tuesday June 30th, 2020
The Pat McAfee Show | Tuesday June 30th, 2020görünümler 109 B11 gün önce
1:47:41McAfee & Hawk Sports Talk | Monday June 29th, 2020
5:17Pat McAfee "The Patriots Are Going To Be So Good"
2:02:45The Pat McAfee Show | Monday June 29th, 2020
The Pat McAfee Show | Monday June 29th, 2020görünümler 142 B12 gün önce
5:15Pat McAfee Reacts To Tyreek Hill Having "1% Body Fat"
4:21What's It Like Being Traded Or Cut In The NFL
What's It Like Being Traded Or Cut In The NFLgörünümler 219 B16 gün önce
1:25Is JR Smith Going To Be A Laker?
Is JR Smith Going To Be A Laker?görünümler 40 B16 gün önce
2:08:26The Pat McAfee Show | Thursday June 25th, 2020
The Pat McAfee Show | Thursday June 25th, 2020görünümler 145 B16 gün önce
2:41I Was Wrong
I Was Wronggörünümler 235 B17 gün önce
2:11:05The Pat McAfee Show | Wednesday June 24th, 2020
The Pat McAfee Show | Wednesday June 24th, 2020görünümler 142 B17 gün önce
3:35Pat McAfee Says The MLB Is... Not Dead
Pat McAfee Says The MLB Is... Not Deadgörünümler 30 B18 gün önce
10:20Why Did Dak Prescott Wait To Sign His Franchise Tag?
2:00:11The Pat McAfee Show | Tuesday June 23rd, 2020
The Pat McAfee Show | Tuesday June 23rd, 2020görünümler 107 B18 gün önce
45:00McAfee & Hawk Sports Talk | Monday June 22nd, 2020
2:00:00The Pat McAfee Show | Monday June 22nd, 2020
The Pat McAfee Show | Monday June 22nd, 2020görünümler 108 B19 gün önce


  • Huge fan of Pat's. Great content brother

  • I’m so glad these fuckers got paid!! Just the best.

  • There was a large amount of vitamins taken before this conversation

  • Now I want to see this on epic Deathbattle!! How do you tag on TRtorrent?

  • In Ohio we can’t order food from outside of school. At my school we’re not even allowed to have our phones out

  • TLDW: Ben opened up, Mcaffe and company laugh about porn

  • Watching full grown men talk about cartoon mascots is hilarious 😆😆

  • I'm slightly disappointed never got my bag what about the fans

  • Martavis Bryant hopefully got humbled with all of it, I knew he had an ego problem maybe he matured and can get back into it, he has a lot of up potential. What about Justin Blackmon?? Was that more than just weed?

  • A win is a win!!!

  • 😂😂😂

  • Is there anywhere to watch the full episodes of The Pod?

  • I LOVED potato wedges!!

  • Need more of this, need a part 2✌🏽

  • Guys please put compressors on the microphones to stop the screechy cherring when everyone gets loud. Best podcast on the planet btw... Until Dr. Disrepect shows up.

  • Best in high school was smokey mountain chicken. Chicken sandwich with ham bacon BBQ sauce and cheese

  • I actually listened to grown men debate over cereal mascots

  • Yo Ty do stand up bro

  • I would buy a super smash bro’s of cereal if they made it

  • Fuckin Tucson Sam lol

  • We gonna forget those crackhead little shits from Cinnamon Toast Crunch? An army of those will eat all the other mascots alive easily

  • Where are these clips from, podcast????

  • With that many famous people around, you run a massive risk of somebody running away with your production when you literally hand them the microphone. I'm in school for broadcast engineering and my teachers have told us many times to never fully hand off control to a guest- you hold the mic, you control the flow.

  • Football player at minnesota state here. I will be very upset if my senior season gets cancelled. I got covid over a week ago and long story short, I've had worse colds than covid. If anyone is wondering also, minnesota state is a D2 school. We played in the D2 national championship last season.

  • The kids never get his Lucky Charms, he always escapes

  • Taco salads on Thursdays. Those were the best.

  • Best: the spicy chicken sandwich, the round pizza, the square pizza Worst: the triangle pizza, the whole wheat sandwich, the lasagna

  • Spice is industrial waste products sprayed on potpourri completely unregulated, one batch could be fine and the bag behind it could drive you insane. Ive seen it happen in person

  • Get this clown off the show lol

  • Im definitely taking a knee during this "black anthem" its so counterproductive and racist within itsself.

  • Tricks the rabbit

  • Feels good to be a raiders fan 🙃

  • Put the crack pipe down boys.... lucky charms.... he has nothing but luck on his side...!!!!

  • Pasta with cheese sauce and a bread stick ep high

  • Great podcast for people that don't have their own stupid friends!

  • its really not just about the sports teams if you step back and think on it. . the football team maybe consists or 100 players coaches and whoever. . traveling around the country, its pretty much guaraNTED that one of them catches it at some point during the season. . but then they bring that back to their campus where you might have up to 10000 students on campus<obviously every school is different> and now you've exposed the entire campus. . meanwhile the team still gunna travel to their next game possibly before anyone starts showing symptoms and now a second school gets exposed. . . sure by not playing the season some of the bigger schools are gunna lose money. . but not nearly the money thatll be lost in the lawsuits that would follow those outbreaks. . not even close

  • Best shrooms I ever got were off Tucson Sam in 05 but I think he went straight shortly after

  • Congrats brotha well deserved

  • Every day....2 things...1) the numbers get worse.....2) nothing is done...see number sports at all by this fall.

  • As a Frito Lay employee we at Frito Lay would like to offer our most sincere apology to Sam, Pat, and the boys. As a merchandiser I do my part to combat this horribleness by troing dem empty bags daaawn the garbage whenever I see them

  • Stuffed crust pizza on Friday’s

  • We need to get joe rogan in this debate

  • The NFL should sell season tickets as VR instead. Send the fan their VR headset and they can toggle between different views from around the field watching the game as if they were there in person.

  • Amazon has decided it will withhold pay from its employees making 14 dollars an hour to offset losses from coronavirus. We are really hoping these employees understand that this has been hard on stockholders and executives and it's time for employees to tighten their belt for the betterment of Amazon as whole. Hourly employees have had it easy for too long and we know they want what's best for Jeff bezos and the rest of the board. Only bonuses for top tier employees will be given out this year and we honestly would like this to become a more permanent solution. You're welcome to all hourly employees and we know you appreciate all we have done for you.

  • Anyone with half a brain would know that Honey Smack's mascot Dig'em is the best 1v1 fighter of all time. It's not even up for debate.

  • Lucky charms is a stooge:D lol

  • Shout out to Death Battle, worlds are combining again

  • I never skipped school on thursdays because that was chicken fried steak day. By far the best school lunch.

  • The leprechaun literally does magic

  • Senators maybe. Ottawa did it

  • Count Chokula is literally immortal......just sayin

  • chiefs, soon to be the (politically correct) Pickles will dearly pay for this other professional sports teams who have laid out ugly ugly contracts.

  • 1:49 Bottom row, three from the right Stone cold killer, I'm throwing all my money on him, locked in

  • This is the one of the best clips I’ve ever seen 😂

  • I think I'm with Tony,but isn't that sugar smacks dude a bear?

  • Damn PTSD from POlamalU?

  • At my school the breakfast pizza was sooo good!! It was diffrent then the lunch pizza. And also the chicken sandwich day was good to

  • Any reason to bring up Pomolomolu LMAO

  • What about the cookie crisp wolf. Or the cookie crisp wizard (magic). Or does lucky charm leprechaun have magic?

  • One day we had a small container of baked beans that went with a salad 🤷

  • Everyone says napoleon was short. He was 5'9

  • This literally blew out a speaker in my car when I heard it on the pod, so thanks I guess

  • what happened with wilbon? what did he say about pat?

  • Please help me make this song viral" I am real American by Rick Derringer" it was also used as Hulk Hogan's theme song.Please let people know the fight for freedom and against censorship by the far left terrorist.Thanks.

  • Well actually ..... Cap'n Crunch real name is Horatio Magellan Crunch. Honestly cant decides which name is funnier Cornelius C Crunch or Horatio Magellan Crunch

  • Pizza Sticks underrated

  • Also message me and I’ll send you all my info😂😂😁

  • 8M FUCKINF CRYING!!!!!!!!!

  • SO listen to this just hear me out Me. Big leg, launcher of balls. I am a huge MMA fan and if you need someone on your pod cast with some knowledge and the ability to shotgun a full beer before and after talking I. AM. YOUR. GUY. But now for real I’d love to talk MMA or any other sport on your pod cast I ABSOLUTELY love it man!!

  • I’ve had an idea for a cereal mascot fighting video game for years! I’ve had this conversation many times!

  • I like to imagine this is what happens everytime Pat leaves the boys to their own devices.

  • I didn't think it would be possible to hate the Pats more than I did but here we are

  • STOP SUPPORTING BLM so I can watch this show again !

  • Well I do not know about cereal but the Kool Aid man would kick all their asses !

  • Tony the Tiger, hands dahn.

  • This right here is what we call a "guy conversation".

  • I'm going with the sun from raisin bran

  • I heard “a good lunch” translates to Epstein didn’t kill himself

  • Two Words: Jeep Cherokee...

  • This is the quality content Fan Duel is paying for

  • Sonny. Don't bet against crazy

  • Boo Berry Ghost?

  • What about the raisin bran sun. Hes cooking all of them up.

  • The fact that professional sports teams are handling the pandemic better than the government

  • In early elementary my school had like this Jamaican beef patty that I always loved

  • Snap, crackle, and pop.

  • The gallon + of soda is the hardest part! Better use that ice wisely!

  • I got a granola bar with 2 in one wrapper hehe

  • This is the content I wanna see

  • @patmcafeeshow -->what is the shady rays coupon code?? My bday is next week & I need a pair of reliable, COOL GLASSES!!

  • Is there no way to watch the podcast? Why not upload it on YT?

  • IRS would like to know your location

  • Love Pat but I'm so disappointed and had to unsubscribe. The more I thought about it. He had alot to say about Drew Brees and his opinion on National Anthem. But didn't have much to say about Desean Jackson and Stephon Jackson. It's just disgusting. Brees is a white, male, Christian, never in trouble and a general good person. Then you have other players saying racist crap and praising Farrakhan and you stay silent. Racism is racism. Pat has shown me he is either a scumbag, a fake, or a pandering sellout . Probably all three. I believe he saying what is safe, to keep his job. It's just sad. Can't do it anymore.

  • Tuscon Sam deals molly to teenagers, has 2 DUIs, and steals his grandmothers SSI checks.

  • We have reached peak offseason

  • Dana White lied? Never.

  • Can we please get the POD on here with full podcasts? That is a MUST!!

  • Graduated in 02 i remember waitn to be a Jr or Sr so i could leave for lunch. Then my Sr yr a few kids were super speeding and flipped and were DOA when medics show up. From spring 02 til now no kid leaves campus for lunch in Mia.

  • Whos the dude on the couch

  • Paycheck PAT!!