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My name is Tavarish and I make videos about buying, modifying, and breaking cars. I also have opinions, most of which are wrong.


27:11I Bought A WRECKED 800-HP Supercar You've Never Heard Of
16:31Destroying My $300 Fake Lamborghini (For A GOOD Reason)
12:57I Just Bought A FAKE Lamborghini For $300
I Just Bought A FAKE Lamborghini For $300görünümler 2,8 Mn7 aylar önce
22:59Building The Best Toyota Supra On YouTube (On A Budget)
13:46Here's Why The LEGO Bugatti Chiron Is Worth $350
20:28My Cheap Lamborghini Is FINISHED!!!
My Cheap Lamborghini Is FINISHED!!!görünümler 1,5 MnYıl önce


  • Time for a K swap

  • U selling it

  • Hey tavarish, now that vaydor is available as kit cars and even comes with instructions do you think you will try to build one?

  • bullshit.

  • Could you tell us, where do you find aftermarket 400 MM cross drilled front rotors for Bentley?

  • really? almost 40.000

  • too bad never go to test out the sound system on video, great job guys overall though, would love to see this done to an old astro van chevy custom lowrider!

  • You should definitely do more of these "Car Guys Watch" videos!

  • Hey man donate me your slow car lmao jk ...

  • wow the amps speakers and upgrades cost more than the van lol

  • whoever disliked this you have no soul !

  • A mechanic that uses a cell phone flashlight... lol

  • Ya call that dirty? City boy. I live in logging country. Here, yer truck ain't dirty if someone can tell what color it was.

  • Bro who is telling them to seek their cars? Nobody's going to make me sell shit 🤣🤣🤣

  • F

    • Why does the end of the transmission looks so chopped off??😂

  • idiots !!!!!!


  • 2020 and one of the most useful tools is still a phone light! Great work guys.

  • Is that a supra

  • 17:00, I frikkin love Jared. Thx 4 the amazing update!

  • Faking first start. Classic.

  • this video will end up getting over a million views, and all he does is blabber on about why he can't finish a project that is worth neither the time nor money

  • I'm not getting notifications!!!

  • 2 years later you could afford to buy a new one now.

  • You're great Tavarish, always watch your vids but a massive step up with Jered. Make the channel the two of you. It really would take off. Believe me, if that irritating Doug DeMuro bloke can get over 3.5m subscribers and that weird Scotty Kilmer 3.3m you 2 would clean up. Greetings from the UK

  • Watching you pry the valve cover with a screw driver was a cringe moment for me.

  • when you say "new engine" is it new like from the factory new or refurbished or from a breaker.

  • that computer stuff blew my mind !!! you guys are gods!

  • The quality of these ads is getting out of control. And yes, I actually did check out the webpage..

  • You should peel those stickers off the tires before you start driving on them. Either way good job

  • Are you insane 💀???

  • This car was previously in the Russia so I wouldn't be surprised if during the assembly you would pull out of it a piece of a bus stop that's been left behind after the accident.lol...

  • LOL. They purchased old used cars that deceased grandpa's left behind. To be fair they should have purchased new cars at the same price point for the test. Very dishonest comparison.

  • yeah, you can also get a pile of trash for next to nothing.

  • noooo don't put the oem plastic charge pipe back on jeeeez

  • Hoovie can come get the bentley now.

  • why you didn't just buy same size wheels ? that was much simpler and didn't take out the car from its original design!!! somebody convince me :/

  • This is top gear, replace new top gear with this

  • Actually, the R230 chassis WAS offered with a form of SMG “manual” gear box, albeit with two pedals. It was only offered in Europe on the SL350.

  • It’s like having a workout partner to motivate you

  • "It's a little cramped under here because the car is so tall" W-what?

  • New subscriber here from the Philippines 👌

  • Good Work

  • I hope Jared makes as much money as Tavarish because without him this channel would be limited to rebuilding Honda Civics and Lexus SC 300s which don't offer as many challenges!

  • You did a nice job restoring the Bentley! It’s nice to see it completed

  • Avan to some one with a Ferrari 🤐

  • im trying to leave nj my parents are dead and i need friends to make my self established in Florida whos tryna help me with getting established my names marcos im 26 i love mechanical stuff and building and inventing stuff i love riding bicycles especially with race motors i throw on them... i really want to make some friends down there in florida.... i wanna meet you tavarish you seem like good people

  • Thought it was going to be a giveaway lol

  • i know you said you kind of want an R8, but what about an RS6 Avant.........🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻👍🏻

  • Both of you did a great job. Looks like a beast to work on.

  • love the play on words...simulated leather 😅

  • Wow what a transformation.Now the other elephant in the workshop "The Fire damaged F355" stop buying projects and get that done next 👍😉

  • most of those parts were cheap I'm sure after BMW started making parts

  • Great job T 😌 You lead I'll follow 🎖

  • The real dynamic duo, Broken Luxury Car Man and his faithful sidekick I Can Fix Everything Guy!

  • you are just despread for views know

  • That legendary 11000 dollar Bentley constantly in the background, haunting him...

  • Firstly I would like to compliment you on your epic reconstruction of this beast of a car and secondly for saving me from myself! I was on the verge of buying a 2009 and have been put off for life after watching Tyler and you struggle to overcome this vehicle. I guess I will now buy the 2014/5 Mercedes CL AMG that I was originally considering prior to my flirtation with Bentley instead. The Mercedes offers similar style and performance in a much more reliable and serviceable package! Thanks again for a great insight!

  • Anybody know the song he playing in the background lol

  • I love that you support spina bifida or any other non profits.

  • He actually could sell this R8 to change to a Toyota, it will give him another 300k mileage for daily driving. Nothing you can keep forever, if I was him I would to do so. I respect his decision, and the shop did really good job!

    • I'm not crying. I just have something in both my eyes.

  • What's a crime is letting that Impala sit. Rescue that car!

  • Jet fuel is just really clean kerosene. Check it out

  • Hey Freddie! What happened to the rotary Ferrari?

  • great video so much info and ive learned alot! thanks! F&F life!

  • Breadth, not dearth. Dearth means lack.

  • Freddy and Jared have serious skills. Both deserve a daily driver like this car unlike the douche suits you see driving the big Bs.

  • Tarvish: This is like Christmas morning except i bought all the presents my self....... (sad music starts playing) Vid goes back normal

  • Tavarish, keep up the good work. I found your video very informative. God Bless.

  • 11:16 was that the Russian flag in the background?

  • so youre telling me nobody bought a viper

  • Man, I pay $28 for oil and filter for my Focus, oil change takes about 20 minutes and I don't own a lift....

  • www.carsforsale.com/vehicle/details/65751568

  • I already want to build cars but.....you two make that itch a whole wound.

  • this car is like your girlfriend, great when youre inside and driving it but it will eventually break your heart

  • Those pipes sound great! Awesome exhaust! You should have gave it a bath before test driving it!

  • Boi it’s 2020 it’s 14 years later

  • I’ve been waiting for this video for a while now :)

  • Good video,love the music👌❤

  • yeah but how much did u pay for the replacement engine? u didnt trade the other one did u?

  • Will you take $10,5000 ... depreciation ya know! :) j/k :)

  • Wait i think I missed some important info.... what was wrong with the old motor?

  • 38 thousand sounds totally reasonable. Congrats on the build. Nice job.

  • I bought my 03 GT for 1500. Needed less work than this car too

  • a batmobile wouldve been a good idea

  • beautiful build man,

  • BMW engine????????? Some one tell me

  • Incredible job. Whatta beaut.

  • I will never watch this guys videos again. first time watcher :)

  • dude took all the good parts out the car and sold it to you lmaoo

  • iv never clicked dislike on youtube before, but the fact that this guy is not a car enthusiast and just like fasts cars piss me off

  • he never said why it was worth $350

  • Wonder if he would take 35,700!

  • Aside from the well thought out plug, this was a nice video. I hope to be able to afford a nice car like these one day

  • nice video, thanks.

  • You know the funniest thing about this channel, Tavarish is always telling us how bad of a mechanic he is or how much he doesn't know, but then you look at his shop and see that it rivals others people work area's. most of my experience working on cars came on my back working on a car supported by jack stands with me praying I set them right. I am not jealous or anything... and no, I don't know why my pants suddenly caught on fire.

    • still remember when he would ask for help and...... and working in his garage.

  • Please do more! Keep this series going please!

  • Nice! Job well done. Keep up the interesting projects

  • Nice car are you fixing

  • trtorrent.info/watch/raiOftmjfKGsjJE.html