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10:52[화사] '마리아(Maria)' MV Making Film
[화사] '마리아(Maria)' MV Making Filmgörünümler 569 B7 gün önce
3:48[MV] 화사 (Hwa Sa) - 마리아 (Maria)
[MV] 화사 (Hwa Sa) - 마리아 (Maria)görünümler 10 Mn8 gün önce
2:23[화사] 1st Mini Album 'María' HIGHLIGHT MEDLEY
14:55[화사] 1st Mini Album [María] Track List
[화사] 1st Mini Album [María] Track Listgörünümler 334 B16 gün önce
[Special] MAMAMOO 6TH ANNIVERSARY INTERVIEWgörünümler 183 B19 gün önce
27:50[Special] '음주 歌 마무' 시즌 4 THANK U 6.19
1:33[화사] 1st Mini Album [María] PRE-INTERVIEW
[화사] 1st Mini Album [María] PRE-INTERVIEWgörünümler 175 B19 gün önce
14:19[MMMTV6] EP22 별이는 공연 중
[MMMTV6] EP22 별이는 공연 중görünümler 145 B22 gün önce
1:59[화사] 1st Mini Album [María] Intro : Nobody else
3:21[Special] 꽃 (Cover by 휘인)
[Special] 꽃 (Cover by 휘인)görünümler 476 B26 gün önce
6:10[MMMTV6] EP21 별이는 부재 중
[MMMTV6] EP21 별이는 부재 중görünümler 85 B28 gün önce
3:35[Special] 별 보러 가자 (Cover by 문별)
[Special] 별 보러 가자 (Cover by 문별)görünümler 299 B27 gün önce
3:44[문별] 부재 (Absence) Performance Video
[문별] 부재 (Absence) Performance Videogörünümler 1,4 MnAylar önce
4:08[문별] 1st Ontact Live '門OON' 問OONterview
0:37[TEASER] 문별(MOONBYUL) - 부재 (Absence)
[TEASER] 문별(MOONBYUL) - 부재 (Absence)görünümler 322 BAylar önce
0:31[TEASER] 문별 1st Ontact Live '門OON'
[TEASER] 문별 1st Ontact Live '門OON'görünümler 184 BAylar önce
1:02[TEASER] 문별 1st Ontact Live '門OON'
[TEASER] 문별 1st Ontact Live '門OON'görünümler 154 BAylar önce
0:27[TEASER] 문별(MOONBYUL) - 부재 (Absence)
[TEASER] 문별(MOONBYUL) - 부재 (Absence)görünümler 378 BAylar önce
0:55[문별] 門OON TRAILER
[문별] 門OON TRAILERgörünümler 297 BAylar önce
8:42[MMMTV6] EP20 뜨거운 입술로 뱉어 part. 3
9:50[MMMTV6] EP19 뜨거운 입술로 뱉어 part. 2
4:00[솔라] '뱉어(Spit it out)' 사복 안무 영상
9:29[MMMTV6] EP18 뜨거운 입술로 뱉어
[MMMTV6] EP18 뜨거운 입술로 뱉어görünümler 114 B2 aylar önce
11:36[MMMTV6] EP17 Set A Fire Fire Fire
[MMMTV6] EP17 Set A Fire Fire Firegörünümler 196 B2 aylar önce
4:33[솔라] 'SPIT IT OUT' M/V Making Film
[솔라] 'SPIT IT OUT' M/V Making Filmgörünümler 120 B2 aylar önce
3:20[솔라] '뱉어(Spit it out)' Performance Video
[솔라] '뱉어(Spit it out)' Performance Videogörünümler 273 B2 aylar önce
10:11[솔라] 'SPIT IT OUT' 구석in터뷰 Full ver.
[솔라] 'SPIT IT OUT' 구석in터뷰 Full ver.görünümler 272 B2 aylar önce
3:15[솔라] '뱉어(Spit it out)' Performance Video
[솔라] '뱉어(Spit it out)' Performance Videogörünümler 1,2 Mn2 aylar önce
3:55[MV] 솔라(SOLAR) - 뱉어(Spit it out)
[MV] 솔라(SOLAR) - 뱉어(Spit it out)görünümler 12 Mn2 aylar önce
1:30[솔라] 'SPIT IT OUT' M/V Preview
[솔라] 'SPIT IT OUT' M/V Previewgörünümler 760 B2 aylar önce
0:26[TEASER] 솔라(SOLAR) - 뱉어(Spit it out)
[TEASER] 솔라(SOLAR) - 뱉어(Spit it out)görünümler 1,4 Mn2 aylar önce
2:05[솔라] 'SPIT IT OUT' 구석in터뷰 Preview
[솔라] 'SPIT IT OUT' 구석in터뷰 Previewgörünümler 313 B2 aylar önce
0:33[TEASER] 솔라(SOLAR) - 뱉어(Spit it out)
[TEASER] 솔라(SOLAR) - 뱉어(Spit it out)görünümler 1,3 Mn2 aylar önce
0:29[솔라] 'SPIT IT OUT' Concept Teaser (Special ver.)
13:43[Special] HAPPY WHEEIN DAY Episode #2
[Special] HAPPY WHEEIN DAY Episode #2görünümler 182 B2 aylar önce
3:24[Special] Kehlani - Honey (Cover by Whee In)
[Special] Kehlani - Honey (Cover by Whee In)görünümler 921 B2 aylar önce
15:59[Special] HAPPY WHEEIN DAY Episode #1
[Special] HAPPY WHEEIN DAY Episode #1görünümler 182 B2 aylar önce
0:25[솔라] 'SPIT IT OUT' Intro Teaser
[솔라] 'SPIT IT OUT' Intro Teasergörünümler 2,5 Mn2 aylar önce
11:49[문별] Eclipse Log #3 Moon-byul Day
[문별] Eclipse Log #3 Moon-byul Daygörünümler 120 B3 aylar önce
14:24[문별] Eclipse Log #2 Moonstar Day
[문별] Eclipse Log #2 Moonstar Daygörünümler 175 B4 aylar önce
10:44[문별] Eclipse Log #1 Monster Day
[문별] Eclipse Log #1 Monster Daygörünümler 334 B4 aylar önce
10:30[MMMTV6] EP16 별이 되어 널 비출게 part. 2
14:56[MMMTV6] EP15 달이 태양을 가릴 때 part. 1
2:46[문별] 'Dark Side of the Moon' Highlight Medley
0:23[문별] 'Dark Side of the Moon' MONSTER ver.
[문별] 'Dark Side of the Moon' MONSTER ver.görünümler 488 B5 aylar önce
0:24[문별] 'Dark Side of the Moon' MOONSTAR ver.
[문별] 'Dark Side of the Moon' MOONSTAR ver.görünümler 508 B5 aylar önce
0:30[문별] 'Dark Side of the Moon' Choreography Prologue
12:28[Special] MOONBYUL's Weird Day Vlog #2
[Special] MOONBYUL's Weird Day Vlog #2görünümler 102 B5 aylar önce
6:46[Special] MOONBYUL's Weird Day Vlog #1
[Special] MOONBYUL's Weird Day Vlog #1görünümler 139 B5 aylar önce
7:30[MMMTV6] EP14 별이의 발라드 적응기
[MMMTV6] EP14 별이의 발라드 적응기görünümler 116 B5 aylar önce
15:58[MMMTV6] EP13 비글로 돌아온 마마무
[MMMTV6] EP13 비글로 돌아온 마마무görünümler 217 B5 aylar önce
12:03[MMMTV6] EP12 스태프가 된 마마무
[MMMTV6] EP12 스태프가 된 마마무görünümler 180 B5 aylar önce
15:19[MMMTV6] EP10 삼행시 개미지옥 그리고 힙
16:40[MMMTV6] EP9 막방인 듯 막방 아닌 HIP
[MMMTV6] EP9 막방인 듯 막방 아닌 HIPgörünümler 344 B6 aylar önce
11:33[MMMTV6] EP8 머리 어깨 무릎 다 HIP해
[MMMTV6] EP8 머리 어깨 무릎 다 HIP해görünümler 225 B6 aylar önce
3:28[Special] 문별(MOONBYUL) - 눈(SNOW) Making Film
14:18[MMMTV6] EP7 내 마음대로 골라 kick it
[MMMTV6] EP7 내 마음대로 골라 kick itgörünümler 185 B6 aylar önce
3:50[MV] 문별(MOONBYUL) - 눈(SNOW)
[MV] 문별(MOONBYUL) - 눈(SNOW)görünümler 2,3 Mn6 aylar önce
[TEASER] 문별(MOONBYUL) - 눈(SNOW)görünümler 263 B6 aylar önce
11:33[MMMTV6] EP6 All I wanna be is 멋짐
[MMMTV6] EP6 All I wanna be is 멋짐görünümler 310 B6 aylar önce
18:20[MMMTV6] EP5 reality in BLACK D-DAY
[MMMTV6] EP5 reality in BLACK D-DAYgörünümler 256 B6 aylar önce
12:11[MMMTV6] EP4 1st Universe MAMAMOO!
[MMMTV6] EP4 1st Universe MAMAMOO!görünümler 500 B7 aylar önce
6:39[Special] 'HIP' 사복 안무 영상 떼창 ver.
17:11[MMMTV6] EP3 4th Universe MAMAMOO?
[MMMTV6] EP3 4th Universe MAMAMOO?görünümler 316 B7 aylar önce
16:06[MMMTV6] EP2 3rd Universe MAMAMOO?
[MMMTV6] EP2 3rd Universe MAMAMOO?görünümler 319 B7 aylar önce
1:00[Special] 'HIP' Performance Video Rockstar ver.
[Special] 'HIP' Performance Video Rockstar ver.görünümler 685 B7 aylar önce
18:58[MMMTV6] EP1 2nd Universe MAMAMOO?
[MMMTV6] EP1 2nd Universe MAMAMOO?görünümler 528 B7 aylar önce
1:08[Special] MOONBYUL Choreographer Performance Video
3:20[Special] 마마무(MAMAMOO) - HIP Performance Video
8:36[Special] 'HIP' Choreography Practice Film #3
[Special] 'HIP' Choreography Practice Film #3görünümler 1,2 Mn7 aylar önce
7:47[Special] 'HIP' Choreography Practice Film #2
[Special] 'HIP' Choreography Practice Film #2görünümler 1,8 Mn7 aylar önce
12:00[Special] 'HIP' Choreography Practice Film #1
[Special] 'HIP' Choreography Practice Film #1görünümler 845 B7 aylar önce
3:31[MV] 마마무(MAMAMOO) - HIP
[MV] 마마무(MAMAMOO) - HIPgörünümler 135 Mn7 aylar önce
0:41[TEASER] 마마무(MAMAMOO) - HIP #2
[TEASER] 마마무(MAMAMOO) - HIP #2görünümler 1,5 Mn7 aylar önce


  • I love you hwasa ❤️

  • Congratulations to RBW. The version of this song on the 1theK channel has already gained total YT interest, and that way in addition to distracting viewers' interest, the chances of promoting the Mamamoo channel have been drastically reduced. Have you lost your mind, managers at RBW?

  • I love Mamamoo and all its members. Wheein is my bias. However, I must say Moonbyul has my favorite solo stuff. I just adore her music, it hits my soul.

  • moonbyul (?) is soooooooo pretty why?

    • Yesss our queen deserves so much more

  • Why would they have the questions in English but no English subtitles 😩



  • Dónde están los subtítulos? cómo demuestran la intención de promoción internacional que disque querían darle a las chicas? dependen y abusan mucho de su talento rbw bridge, pero el spam q les voy a hacer en twiter , ya verán

  • 3:30 my heart stopped, omg she is so pretty

  • The scene at 0:05 reminds me a painting, " The death of Marat". Immediately when I saw this part the painting come in my mind. However, the scene itself is very significant. We see Hwasa In the bathtub. Usually in a place like this you can relax, remove the stress and fatigue of the day, be with yourself and be yourself. But she can't enjoy it because she isn't alone in the room. The interpretation I have is that even when she is trying just to be herself, Ahn Hye-jin, to relax and take a time for herself, the media is always there. They don't give her a break, trying to put on scandals for everything she does. However at 0:07 we can see that Hwasa is watching all this stupid act like it's a movie.

  • Guys let's stream it !!! 20M? Let's get it!

  • Honestly I'm so gay for Hwasa. Her beauty is astronomical 😍

  • Ellos ponen las preguntas en inglés pero no tiene subtítulos, que clase de lógica es esa?

  • 20M next


  • hitting the like button before watching the vid haha

  • Is it just me or that one member looks like IU. what is her namee btw 😂

  • Hwasa ur LMM song its very good ... its so sad sad sad song 😭

  • Mariaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • Hwasaaaaaaaaaaa

  • I love this song

  • 2:57 Spanish Hwasa doesnt exist: Spanish Hwasa:

  • English subtitles please!! I'm still watching even though I don't understand though. ❤️Hwasa!

  • 지민사건 터진담에 보시는 분 ㅋ⫬ㅋ⫬ ㅋ⫬ㅋ⫬ ㅋ⫬ㅋ⫬ ¿?¿?

  • nice😍😍

  • I love you hwasa.

  • linda, maravilhosa e talentosa. essa é a hwasa❤

  • kpop's greatest masterpiece!

  • i found my queens

  • Ora, ora, ora, se não é o melhor girlgroup do mundo...

  • subtitles pleaseee

  • Linda única nuestra hwasa maria

  • You are amazing queen

  • I love you

  • Wonderful María

  • María maravillosa

  • Hey RBW, are we ever going to get subs? My Korean is coming along, but it's not good enough yet.

  • Maria linda

  • JUST REPORT that Dontbe noys 💀

  • top

  • I thought i have a crush on her:))

  • La canción es muy buena ami me encanto😍😍


  • No es por ser malo pero las botas de hwasa se parecen a las de lisa en el mv de As if is your last

  • ترن ترننن

  • Hwasaaaa

  • 👑👑👑

  • I love hwasa she's an amazing artist and very beautiful too ^~^

  • Love that she sings my name, but... why? Can anyone interpret this?

  • كيف اطلع من الفيد هلا 😭

  • GO GOOO💯💯💯💯🥵💕💕

  • Perfeita

  • Hwasa siempre fashion nunca infashion 👁️👄👁️

  • *Hey ya yup um yeah I'm still here now kick it*

  • بحبكمممم هواسااا.♡♡♡ ههههههههه وفاء من الجزائر مين شافهااا مرسي عالترجمة .♡♡♡

  • Que hermosa voz de wheein 💚

  • الجماااااااال.♡♡♡♡♡

  • She just...doesn't realise she's making quarantine better for everyone..

  • بحبكمم كلكممممممم.♡♡♡♡♡

  • بحبككككككك هواساااااااا.♡♡♡♡♡

  • Can I just say something?... HWA SA IS SUCH A BOSS. Incredible song.

  • Mi luna hermosa

  • make a mv with namjoon

  • I love this music

  • So beautiful!!

  • يـــــــّــآ حً ـظٌــــــــ آلَيـــــــّــ آًسًــــــــمِــــــــهِآ مِــــــــآريـــــــّــآ 😭

  • ساراااانغيههه.♡♡♡

  • 이제 mamamoo 증오자가 우울증에 처해 있습니다. 사건을 이해하십시오:

    • 이해하지 못한 사람은이 노래가 믿기 어려워서 증오 자들이 우울하다는 것입니다 ;u;

  • يالهووووي عالجمااااال.♡♡♡♡

  • I miss the old momoland

    • @ChaeChae I know. I just thought of Taeha and Yoenwo. And I said I missed them. If you look carefully, I didn't say this group momoland.

    • This is mamamoo not momoland go express your emotions on momoland not on our queens music video!

    • This is mamamoo

  • daily visit here🤣cant live without it!

  • Nadie: Absolutamente nadie: Yo: Pausando el video a ver si me encuentro alguna curiosidad en esta joya

  • Me encantó😍😍😍😍😍

  • 1:45-1:46 makes me question my sexuality sometimes

  • My queen slays!! As always! She rocks!!🤩👄👊🏻💣💥💯

  • Hwasa es una reina♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

  • QUEEN ♡

  • 🖐🖐🖐

  • How haters gonna say RBW bought Hwasa her views when they’re too cheap to hire an English translator? 🤔

  • This is the most beautiful thing I have seen in 2020. Hwasa is a real ARTIST.

  • 20M

  • Wheein look so gorgeous with that hairstyle.. Although I am a girl,I don't know why I still fall for her..I believe that Wheein is everyone ideal type..Am I right??...Not too tall,not too short...Dimple...Still beautiful without makeup..Talented..I don't know what to say anymore.. She's cute..

  • Stan hwasa, que pasa le tiene miedo al éxito?...😏🤝

  • English subtitle pleaseee

  • такое ощущение будто дораму посмотрела

  • Somebody should really start translating these . I'm an international fan and I absolutely love and the adore hwasa mamamoo but I cannot understand the thing and it's frustrating but I'm I'm still going to stream Maria because it's a full on fully realised BOP !!!

  • Клас!!!


  • Can’t believe Wheein and Hwasa are still 19 years old when this song was release. 👏

  • People named Maria must be really lucky and like this is a whole creation of art uwu x². ♡

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  • I WheeIN and there’s no WheeOut . 💐


  • Moos don't stop streaming!!


  • 2:52 i heard the sirene sound,like warning a dangerous state or..someone escaping??

  • As a hispanic kpop stan, I am very proud. Hwasa is the thicc queen