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10:38Kai Havertz ► Welcome To Chelsea ? | 2020 HD
4:32Jorginho ► Welcome To Juventus ? | 2020 HD
Jorginho ► Welcome To Juventus ? | 2020 HDgörünümler 2,6 B4 gün önce
10:21Victor Osimhen ► Welcome To Napoli ? | 2020 HD
4:32Leroy Sané ► Welcome To Bayern München | 2020 HD
4:34Enis Bardhi ► Welcome To Arsenal ? | 2020 HD
Enis Bardhi ► Welcome To Arsenal ? | 2020 HDgörünümler 20 B12 gün önce
10:26Achraf Hakimi ► Welcome To Inter Milan | 2020 HD
4:39Arthur Melo ► Welcome To Juventus | 2020 HD
Arthur Melo ► Welcome To Juventus | 2020 HDgörünümler 215 B18 gün önce
10:33Gabriel Jesus ► Welcome To Inter Milan ? | 2020 HD
10:05Timo Werner ► Welcome To Chelsea | 2020 HD
Timo Werner ► Welcome To Chelsea | 2020 HDgörünümler 121 B23 gün önce
4:33Ansu Fati ► Crazy Skills & Goals | 2019/20 HD
10:03The Craziest Speeds in Football
The Craziest Speeds in Footballgörünümler 2,2 BAylar önce
4:15Saïd Benrahma ► Welcome To Chelsea ? | 2020 HD
3:43Jeremie Boga ► Back To Chelsea ? | 2020 HD
Jeremie Boga ► Back To Chelsea ? | 2020 HDgörünümler 2,5 BAylar önce
3:43Erling Haland ► Amazing Skills & Goals | 2020 HD
4:24Willian ► Welcome To Tottenham ? | 2020 HD
Willian ► Welcome To Tottenham ? | 2020 HDgörünümler 10 B2 aylar önce
4:02Aguero ► Amazing Skills, Goals & Assists | 2020 HD
4:17Paul Pogba ► Welcome To Real Madrid ? | 2020 HD
4:25Miralem Pjanic ► Welcome To Barcelona | 2020 HD
4:34Rodrygo Goes ► Crazy Skills & Goals | 2019/20 HD
4:22Ruben Dias ► Defensive Skills & Goals | 2019/20 HD
4:32Alex Telles ► Welcome To PSG | 2019/20 HD
Alex Telles ► Welcome To PSG | 2019/20 HDgörünümler 22 B2 aylar önce
3:42Bruno Fernandes' magical start for Manchester United
3:03Léo Pereira ► Flamengo ● O Início | HD 2020
6:18Diego Alves - Melhores Defesas ► Flamengo | HD
10:22Genius Plays in Football | HD
Genius Plays in Football | HDgörünümler 3,3 B3 aylar önce
4:04Michael ► Flamengo ● O Início | HD 2020
Michael ► Flamengo ● O Início | HD 2020görünümler 291 B4 aylar önce
3:22[ESTREIA] Pablo Mari pelo Arsenal
[ESTREIA] Pablo Mari pelo Arsenalgörünümler 302 B4 aylar önce
6:22A Evolução De Gabriel Martinelli | 2018-2020 HD


  • The background music makes this montage of a historic player worthless. Why use utterly awful and shit music?

  • Imagine in a future Barca having Puig, de Jong, and Griezman in the midfield

  • Don't understand the hype about him. He is good but not worldclass.

  • Serdeczne pozdrowienia! Nasz Polak reprezentuje Niemców, oni bez nas nic nie potrafią.


  • Mí Ídolo está bajando el Rendimiento :(

  • Whats the name of the first music?

  • 🔥🚀

  • Like su veniste porque dicen que el ira al barca y no sabes como juega.( yo vine por eso xd)

  • Sampaoli disse nunca vai tirar o Guga do galo o lateral direito elogia seu treinador e vai permanecer na massa atleticana (GUGA É DO GALO) ⚽⚫⚪⚫⚪

  • O meu gol favorito do santos é esse

  • O melhor Zlatan 🔥

  • Terrible song choice

  • Just another guy living in the shadows of Messi and Ronaldo

  • Uma das melhora partidas dele

  • The people who say he's overrated are the people who only watch the crazy tackle videos and the messi and ronaldo videos. He's the one building up to the goal. And he makes it look easy😁

  • Vini Pimball kkkkk

  • Bruno Fernandes >> Sergio Busquets

  • his play style is similar to aguero

  • Vinicius is overrated European 4 major leagues teenager results 1 Harland(19years old/Borussia Dortmund/13G3A) 2 Greenwood(18/Manchester United/9G1A) 3 Take Kubo(19/Mallorca/4G5A) 4 Alphonso Davies(19/Bayern Munich/3G4A) 5 Ansu Fati(17/Barcelona/5G1A) 6 Zirkzee(19/Bayern Munich/4G1A) 6 Vinicius(19/Real Madrid/3G2A) 6 Paulinho(19/Leverkusen/3G2A) 6 Hudson-Odoi(19/Chelsea /1G4A) 6 Bukayo Saka(18/Arsenal/1G4A) 11 Martinelli(19/Arsenal/3G) 11 Obafemi(19/Southampton/2G1A) 11 Losada(18/Celta/1G2A) 14 Rodrygo(19/Real Madrid/2G) 14 Lee Kang-in(19/Valencia/2G) 14 Matondo(19/Shalke/2G) 14 Williams(19/Manchester United/1G1A)

    • Vinicius out Kubo in

  • Mi sbilancio e speranzoso di fare mea culpa e di cospargermi il capo di ceneri dico :"da quello che vedo in questo clip è poca roba". Chi vivrà vedrà. Ps difficile che mi sbagli io prenderei Hlozek (ci sentiamo tra qualche mese per le scuse? Difficile)

  • He is deadly danger in the field

  • what does this 🤜🏼🤛🏼 mean???

  • Very Amazing brunoo

  • Lovre it

  • ¡Noo papelito! ¿Cómo vas a errar eso?

  • Ibrahimovic😍♥️🔥

  • Destrói!

  • Foda demais irmão ❤

  • *TOP* *THIAGO* 🔥🔥🤙

  • Joga muito

  • Good

  • Amazing stuff. Ibrahimovic l legend. Wish I could create content as great as yours

  • Legends never die😎💪

  • Amazing 😍 Can you give me Ibrahimovic Comps Also? Please


  • 0:51 1:05 His signature move Bundes defenders must recognize that or gotta be crushed.

  • He has more highlights from 10 games than Lingard does in a 10 year career.

  • Top CAM

  • Liverpool will not pay £35Million for a 29year old Alcantara. FSG have already said they have no money for transfers .

  • Wtf are u made this video?

  • Would rather us get sancho tbh

  • Great player but awful first touch and no composure misses easy chances always complaining fails in big games(eg.barca). Have to be very patient with him and has his qualities...

  • He’s only got a left foot...that’s why he’s always being forced across the edge of the box sideways.

  • Shat a fack yoff

  • Shooter team united bruno pogba rashford greenwood martial

  • which nationality is he??

  • hhh in your dreams he is in real Madrid now lol

  • He might be a good false 9, but no where on big Benz level. If you disagree then let me remind you of something. Firming=1 cl, benzema=4 cL

    • Trophies dont mean much especially where ronaldo won real the 4 ucls but Benzema is one of the best false 9. Firmino close to him

  • I really hope RM didn’t make a bad decision selling him 😨. Good for him though.

  • Song?

  • Got him up to 99 in career mode lololol

  • The Impact "Bruno Mars"

  • Scousers: "FiRmInO iS sOoOoOoOoO uNdErRaTeD" You can say what you like about him being more of a creative false 9, but the fact remains Bernardo Silva has more goals at Anfield in the Premier League this season than Firmino. Dybala plays false 9 sometimes, but mostly he plays CAM and he still scores goals at the Allianz Stadium. I would have compared him to De Bruyne, because De Bruyne's a creative midfielder and scores plenty of goals at the Etihad, but that's just disrespect to KDB.

  • Smart player with acurrate passing & shooting

  • If he is able to stay fit, he will be the best midfielder in the world in few years time

  • PURE

  • He's still world class

  • Cara ruim da porra kkkkkkkk

  • Videos Neymar jr is happy real madrid win agains alaves

  • De ligt + militao = ramos + pepe 💀

  • Bem-vindo ao Benfica mais o Gerson e Bruno Henrique

  • Welcome to Benfica

  • The problem is we’ve Greenwood there...RW Damn it.

    • He’s a striker naturally and ighalo is going so we can sub him on with sanch on the right

  • Luka luka luka

  • alto video¡¡¡

  • Lewandowski the best Player in the world 🔥

  • Who was the 1st song by?

  • As a Tottenham fan this one hurts, levy needs to be held accountable.

  • todo un crack lewandowski

  • A gentleman. Skillful, strong and cheerfully playing, a humility that touches even God ... May God bless Modric, an extraordinary, incomparable, magnificent player. An example to be followed in all personal and professional aspects.

  • Sono tifosissimo del Napoli, ci tengo a fare questa premessa... Mó però ho una domanda? Ma arò è fort kist? Cioè, passo lungo, scoordinato come poki(par k va carenn da solo), avanti alla porta nn mi sembra così spietato, gioca in Francia (che paragonerei ad un campionato di serie b italiano), vann truann 60 milioni di euro più ounas (che a parere mio so magn...) bah... Spero non lo prendano

  • If Lewandoski was playing for RM in the last seasons, he would have the same Ballon d'ors as Cristiano. He deserves this year.

  • overrated

  • No matter they loses epl but it is the best team ever in epl history😎😏

  • Chelsea fans: Welcome Kai <3 Other club fans OvErAtEd, mAx 50 MiLliOnS and how they would take him for 100m :D :D

  • Lewandowski should have the ballon d or . No way for Cr7

  • faz do gabriel veron!!


  • they need him

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  • I just have feeling ronaldo may win world cup 2022 Bruno felix bernado silva ruben neves 🔥🔥🔥


  • Hope arsenal get him

  • I support Manchester United but if Jude Bellingham goes to dortmund i will support dortmund

  • R.L 9😀😀😀😀

  • Jude Bellingham to Manchester United plz

  • Lewant Robertowski! ;)

  • well am I the only one wondering that his 2 Legs arent broken yet. He gets fouled so much wtf, sry for the man :()


  • So overrated.... I was expecting a lot more. Sanchez and lukaku are better that him

  • Welcome to jeonbuk hyundai motors🤙

  • Dnt make videos which is never going to happen

    • Sisglo Chhetri very true Liverpool owners wouldn’t even pay for Timo Werner .

  • Alcantara in liverpool ??? Fact or hoax

  • Overrated

  • Tonali is a pure talent.. I pray God he will join AC Milan

  • jadon sancho n kaulobaly make perfect team

  • This an’t career Mode Lampard

  • con tutto il rispetto ma bisognerà vedere il suo adattamento in Italia (vedi Lozano) preferirei sempre un attaccante Italiano alla Belotti

  • Fan MU