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14:02Barcelona Epic Goals
Barcelona Epic Goalsgörünümler 3 B2 gün önce
6:43Don't Forget the Brilliance of Ouѕmаnе Dеmbеlе
10:02When Lіоnеl Mеѕѕі Goes Wild - Angry Moments
6:11Here's Why Barcelona need Miralem Pjanic
Here's Why Barcelona need Miralem Pjanicgörünümler 21 B26 gün önce
8:20Hаzаrd is Good but Gгіеzmann is Better
Hаzаrd is Good but Gгіеzmann is Bettergörünümler 60 BAylar önce
16:02100 Brilliant Saves in Football
100 Brilliant Saves in Footballgörünümler 2,5 BAylar önce
10:5450 Brilliant Goals in 2020
50 Brilliant Goals in 2020görünümler 2,6 BAylar önce
12:42Вагсеlоnа DEADLY Counter Attack Goals
Вагсеlоnа DEADLY Counter Attack Goalsgörünümler 440 BAylar önce
7:02The Brilliance of Sегgіо Вuѕquеtѕ 2020
13:20Вагсеlоnа Skills Worth Watching Again
Вагсеlоnа Skills Worth Watching Againgörünümler 3,6 BAylar önce
6:33The day young Lionel Messi humiliated Real Madrid
10:02The Day Lionel Messi Was UNPLAYABLE
The Day Lionel Messi Was UNPLAYABLEgörünümler 167 B2 aylar önce
8:24Lionel Messi Brilliance vs Liverpool
Lionel Messi Brilliance vs Liverpoolgörünümler 47 B2 aylar önce
11:23Lionel Messi Destroying Manchester United
Lionel Messi Destroying Manchester Unitedgörünümler 31 B2 aylar önce
9:1050 Brilliant Saves by Alisson Becker
50 Brilliant Saves by Alisson Beckergörünümler 77 B3 aylar önce
9:13Imagine if all these were Scored by Lionel Messi
Imagine if all these were Scored by Lionel Messigörünümler 150 B3 aylar önce
14:49100 Brilliant Saves by Manuel Neuer
100 Brilliant Saves by Manuel Neuergörünümler 221 B3 aylar önce
14:32100 Brilliant Saves by Keylor Navas
100 Brilliant Saves by Keylor Navasgörünümler 412 B3 aylar önce
3:1016 Year-Old Ansu Fati Debut vs Real Betis | HD
16 Year-Old Ansu Fati Debut vs Real Betis | HDgörünümler 632 B3 aylar önce
14:16100 Brilliant Saves by David De Gea
100 Brilliant Saves by David De Geagörünümler 497 B3 aylar önce
6:03Lionel Messi vs France (World Cup 2018) HD 1080i
Lionel Messi vs France (World Cup 2018) HD 1080igörünümler 198 B3 aylar önce
3:16When Goalkeepers start doing Skills during the Match
10:47100 Brilliant Saves by Iker Casillas
100 Brilliant Saves by Iker Casillasgörünümler 16 B3 aylar önce
12:32100 Brilliant Saves by Victor Valdes
100 Brilliant Saves by Victor Valdesgörünümler 16 B3 aylar önce
10:57This is Why Barcelona need to sign Lautaro Martinez
10:08Daniel James Showing his Class in 2020
Daniel James Showing his Class in 2020görünümler 75 B3 aylar önce
12:07The Brilliance of Paulo Dybala 2020
The Brilliance of Paulo Dybala 2020görünümler 9 B4 aylar önce
5:32Marcos Llorente - The Warrior of Midfield
Marcos Llorente - The Warrior of Midfieldgörünümler 27 B4 aylar önce
15:33100 Brilliant Saves by Jan Oblak
100 Brilliant Saves by Jan Oblakgörünümler 494 B4 aylar önce
4:49When Lionel Messi Plays as a Defender
When Lionel Messi Plays as a Defendergörünümler 6 B4 aylar önce
10:50Arthur Melo is Underrated! 2020
Arthur Melo is Underrated! 2020görünümler 227 B4 aylar önce
14:49100 Brilliant Saves by Marc-André ter Stegen
100 Brilliant Saves by Marc-André ter Stegengörünümler 1 Mn4 aylar önce
10:15The Intelligence of Frenkie De Jong 2020
The Intelligence of Frenkie De Jong 2020görünümler 107 B4 aylar önce
11:5933 Barcelona Crazy One-Touch Goals
33 Barcelona Crazy One-Touch Goalsgörünümler 487 B4 aylar önce
3:15Gerard Pique - Defence is an Art
Gerard Pique - Defence is an Artgörünümler 5 B4 aylar önce
5:15Nelson Semedo is Underrated!
Nelson Semedo is Underrated!görünümler 183 B4 aylar önce
4:30Frenkie de Jong vs Getafe 2020 | HD 1080i
Frenkie de Jong vs Getafe 2020 | HD 1080igörünümler 23 B4 aylar önce
4:57Zlatan Ibrahimovic vs Juventus 2020 | HD 1080i
Zlatan Ibrahimovic vs Juventus 2020 | HD 1080igörünümler 837 B4 aylar önce
7:32Ansu Fati vs Vinicius Jr - Who is Better?
Ansu Fati vs Vinicius Jr - Who is Better?görünümler 18 B5 aylar önce
5:21Barcelona vs PSG 6-5 (Short Movie) 2020 Edition | HD
7:57Andres Iniesta vs Chelsea (UCL) 2009 | HD 1080i
5:03Frenkie De Jong vs Leganes (CdR) 2020 | HD 1080i
5:25Frenkie De Jong vs Valencia 2020 | HD 1080i
Frenkie De Jong vs Valencia 2020 | HD 1080igörünümler 7 B5 aylar önce
4:04The day Ter Stegen made a Record 12-Saves in ONE Game
1:53Antoine Griezmann vs Ibiza 2020 | HD 1080i
Antoine Griezmann vs Ibiza 2020 | HD 1080igörünümler 9 B5 aylar önce
4:32Frenkie De Jong vs Ibiza 2020 | HD 1080i
Frenkie De Jong vs Ibiza 2020 | HD 1080igörünümler 11 B5 aylar önce
7:39Lionel Messi vs Nigeria (World Cup 2018) HD 1080i
3:00Antoine Griezmann vs Atletico Madrid 2020 | HD 1080i
5:1433 Players Humiliated by Lionel Messi
33 Players Humiliated by Lionel Messigörünümler 6 B6 aylar önce
6:03The Magic of Philippe Coutinho
The Magic of Philippe Coutinhogörünümler 5 B6 aylar önce
6:36In Form Arjen Roben Was Something Else
In Form Arjen Roben Was Something Elsegörünümler 13 B6 aylar önce
6:47Luis Suarez is Finished? Explain THIS!
Luis Suarez is Finished? Explain THIS!görünümler 2,6 B6 aylar önce
6:13The Brilliance of Marc-Andre Ter Stegen 2020
The Brilliance of Marc-Andre Ter Stegen 2020görünümler 472 B7 aylar önce
3:2517 Year-Old Аnѕu Fаtі Is So Good
17 Year-Old Аnѕu Fаtі Is So Goodgörünümler 13 B8 aylar önce
1:23Аnѕu Fаtі vs Slаvіа Рraguе | 2019 HD 1080i
3:47Frеnkіе dе Јоng vs Intеr | 2019 HD
Frеnkіе dе Јоng vs Intеr | 2019 HDgörünümler 201 B9 aylar önce
2:48Аnѕu Fаtі vs Grаnаdа | 2019 HD
Аnѕu Fаtі vs Grаnаdа | 2019 HDgörünümler 172 B9 aylar önce
3:04Frеnkіе dе Јоng vs Dᴏrtmund (17/09/2019) HD
2:25Lіоnеl Mеѕѕі vs Dᴏrtmund (17/09/2019) HD
4:52Frеnkіе dе Јоng vs Gеrmаny (06/09/2019) HD
2:40Gareth Bale vs Roma (11/08/2019) HD
Gareth Bale vs Roma (11/08/2019) HDgörünümler 25 B11 aylar önce
3:06Eden Hazard vs Roma (11/08/2019) HD
Eden Hazard vs Roma (11/08/2019) HDgörünümler 28 B11 aylar önce
1:16Arthur Melo vs Napoli (10/08/2019) HD
Arthur Melo vs Napoli (10/08/2019) HDgörünümler 31 B11 aylar önce
4:46Ousmane Dembele vs Napoli (11/08/2019) HD
Ousmane Dembele vs Napoli (11/08/2019) HDgörünümler 98 B11 aylar önce
2:00Philippe Coutinho vs Napoli (11/08/2019) HD
Philippe Coutinho vs Napoli (11/08/2019) HDgörünümler 236 B11 aylar önce
4:35Frenkie De Jong vs Napoli (11/08/2019) HD
Frenkie De Jong vs Napoli (11/08/2019) HDgörünümler 683 B11 aylar önce
2:20Ousmane Dembele vs Napoli (08/08/2019) HD
Ousmane Dembele vs Napoli (08/08/2019) HDgörünümler 263 B11 aylar önce
2:01Frenkie De Jong vs Napoli (08/08/2019) HD
Frenkie De Jong vs Napoli (08/08/2019) HDgörünümler 1,1 Mn11 aylar önce
2:33Antoine Griezmann vs Napoli (08/08/2019) HD
Antoine Griezmann vs Napoli (08/08/2019) HDgörünümler 122 B11 aylar önce
2:35Junior Firpo Barcelona Debut vs Napoli (08/08/2019) HD
4:05Eden Hazard vs Red Bull Salzburg (07/08/2019) HD
Eden Hazard vs Red Bull Salzburg (07/08/2019) HDgörünümler 285 B11 aylar önce
2:47Heung-min Son vs Real Madrid (30/07/2019) HD
Heung-min Son vs Real Madrid (30/07/2019) HDgörünümler 30 B11 aylar önce
1:54Eden Hazard vs Tottenham Hotspur (30/07/2019) HD
Eden Hazard vs Tottenham Hotspur (30/07/2019) HDgörünümler 74 B11 aylar önce
2:38Ousmane Dembele vs Vissel Kobe (27/07/2019) HD
Ousmane Dembele vs Vissel Kobe (27/07/2019) HDgörünümler 204 B11 aylar önce
3:26Frenkie De Jong vs Vissel Kobe (27/07/2019) HD
Frenkie De Jong vs Vissel Kobe (27/07/2019) HDgörünümler 874 B11 aylar önce
2:54Andres Iniesta vs Barcelona (27/07/2019) HD
Andres Iniesta vs Barcelona (27/07/2019) HDgörünümler 910 B11 aylar önce
2:44João Félix vs Real Madrid (27/07/2019) HD
João Félix vs Real Madrid (27/07/2019) HDgörünümler 73 B11 aylar önce
2:24Ousmane Dembele vs Chelsea (23/07/2019) HD
Ousmane Dembele vs Chelsea (23/07/2019) HDgörünümler 145 B11 aylar önce
1:48Riqui Puig vs Chelsea (23/07/2019) HD
Riqui Puig vs Chelsea (23/07/2019) HDgörünümler 57 B11 aylar önce
1:43Frenkie De Jong Debut vs Chelsea (23/07/2019) HD
Frenkie De Jong Debut vs Chelsea (23/07/2019) HDgörünümler 15 B11 aylar önce
2:04Matthijs De Ligt Debut vs Tottenham (21/07/2019) HD


  • Lmk kmk lll. Kkjzixx kkjk lcxbixo

  • I’d still probably take Oblak over him but he’d be close second

  • The best GK of the 21st century

  • i still can feel this match.. can we repeat such movement again

  • I am a Liverpool fan but to me De Gea is the best keeper I have ever seen

  • He has the potential to be better than Mbappe or Sancho ,

  • Manuel Neuer el mejor de todos sin duda

  • He's only using leg when one on one

  • First music? Navas es excelente jugador y portero. Buen video 😎

  • I sometimes say remember dembele

  • When Zlatan look to a mirror he don't see nothing because there it's just one Zlatan 😎

  • I m Gk

  • ابراهيموفتش الله من العنجهية

  • Ibrahimawich is ok not good not bad

  • Messi goal vs getafe

  • The best thing about Ter Stegen is not just his crazy reflexes but his passing ability too

  • Oblack the best goalkeeper after Carvajal

  • Ter Stegen 💪💪

  • messi is very kind,gentle and quiet but sometime they forced him to be angry

  • 💕💔💕💔💕💕 u zlatan,... From Kerala

  • We need fast and energetic players like Riqui puig.Aurthur was perfect Selling him was a huge mistake 😟😥

  • You look at that first touch on his goal and tell me he's not an alien. That ball is coming in high and fast, and he controls it with his freaking thigh.

  • _Neuer_ was undisputed World #1 for years! Today's scene has 3 candidates vying for top spot. _Neuer_ isn't one of the 3 and should be behind _ter Stegen_ in the pecking order for _Die Mannschaft_ GK.

  • this game is full of emotions, this is Barcelona. who watched 2020 likes👍🏻

  • The worst Robbery ever! HALA MADRID!!

  • 👍👍👍👍

  • How many suarez goals did we see!!! Missing the fatty. He's really old now.

  • only way to stop messi - bring him down. aguero and messi played together for so many years, they team up well, but in this match he came on so late ... argentina lost the WC only bcoz of their coach... who all think the same hit like

  • Superb work

  • He looks 29 not 23

  • Messi freekick against liverpool should have been added..btw nice video

  • 👌👌❤️

  • FORCA BARCA❤💙💪💪🎯🎯

  • Great Edit bro 🔥🔥...... Can you guys help me to reach 100 subscribers 🙏

  • Love your videos man 😊😊👍👍

  • Come on guys stop comparing Vinicius with Neymar. At this age Neymar was a full package. From skills to finishing,he had it all. Vinicius just do skills. His passing and finishing sucks. At this age Neymar won the Puskas.

  • People who don't see Fati will only say he don't know dribbling. Fati dribbling is wc.

  • 🔥🔥🔥

  • The Flying Deutschman! 🔥

  • Ansu fati is The future god for Barcelona

  • El mejor portero del mundo 👏👏👏

  • Can any one say me what's the name of commentator

  • Es un crack el mejor portero del mundo

  • What a game it was!

  • 90 Rating

  • This is not even 50% oh his brilliant saves.Iker Casillas,the legend 1999-2019

  • CAn they just use commentary instead of shit music

  • dam that times barca 2 - 1 athlete barca 3 - 2 Real M barca 6 - 5 PSG

  • Tanrım benim

  • Rigore regalato

  • This deserves an oscar nomination, it captures all the emotions from start to finish. Fantastic work.

  • Un portero tan grande... en un equipo perdido lamentable

  • Man, Howard made 16 saves in the 2014 World Cup. I like how the people accept everything.

  • He is the first best player in the world

  • Game of the decade

  • i don’t understand dembele bro

  • こんときいっちゃんイケメン

  • VJ with sure

  • 0:24

  • Овощи. Сколько рекламы.

  • when keylor and ronaldo left real madrid,real madrid got break 😂😂

  • I do an a ter stegen video on my channel.Please can watch it?

  • Now they forgot how to counter attack

  • Ansu fati

  • Underrated for you. For me, the worst crosser I have ever seen!

  • why can’t he do this for me in fut champs

  • good pleyar

  • ً

  • ansu fati much better shone in the game against Villareal

  • 멜루 이름부터 플레이까지 존나 맘에든다

  • Superrrrr!😯

  • Best Edit Ever !!!

  • Barca really need him . Whoever whatever says I think barca need a player like him who can dominate midfield and give something in deadball shooting .

  • Courtois is better

  • no we dont thank you LOL

  • I think, that Arthur is more useful for Juve for his 23 years, This exchange Pjanic-Arthur is very quality for Juve

  • Мельник👍

  • Олег

  • Мельник

  • Олег

  • Weird. This is also a GAME highlight. Why not show ALL the goals?

  • Un grandisimo portero que a salvado al Barcelona en muchisimas veces...

  • I would of regretted missing the 2 nd leg

  • Pujajaajajjakakaka griezman better hazard??🤣🤣🤣

  • GOAT!!

  • Dozen of saves🧐

  • For me the best goalie Barcelona ever had

  • Can we just take a moment to appreciate how this guy made such a good movie out of this

  • YNWA

  • We need xavi as the coach. The coach right now is clueless

  • Ter Stegen is the best goalkeeper of barca

  • Yeah, I am flabbergasted, why are they buying Pjanic when we have the best midfielders in the world already, worth millions and millions, that will probably win jack shit this year... :))

  • IF Atletico pull off a miracle in the champions league and go on to win it. Oblak should win balon d’or. He is the backbone of the team and without him Atletico would be average and I’m an atleti fan

  • Nice

  • kante is amazing

  • Yall lost afterwards.

  • pls upload the full match


  • i swear this guy isn't human

  • I see paulinho 💔