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Epitaph Records is an independent music label founded in Los Angeles by Bad Religion guitarist Brett Gurewitz. Early releases from a variety of punk heavyweights spawned what became known as the 90s punk explosion. Along the way Epitaph proudly launched its sister label ANTI-, representing unique and distinguished acts. From the beginning Epitaph's mission has been to serve the musicians on its diverse and creative roster - an artist-first model, radical twenty years ago, and much imitated today.


0:56The Garden - Peephole
The Garden - Peepholegörünümler 8 BAylar önce
2:18THICK - "Mansplain"
THICK - "Mansplain"görünümler 29 B11 gün önce
1:16Nascar Aloe - "Fist Fight"
Nascar Aloe - "Fist Fight"görünümler 15 B8 gün önce
2:46LiL Lotus - "I Don't Even Like U"
LiL Lotus - "I Don't Even Like U"görünümler 34 B15 gün önce
3:48La Dispute - "RHODONITE AND GRIEF" (Studio Session)
2:41guccihighwaters feat. Lund - "candy" (Lyric Video)
5:49Falling In Reverse - "The Drug In Me Is Reimagined"
0:35The Garden - Sink
The Garden - Sinkgörünümler 14 BAylar önce
3:22THICK - "Bumming Me Out"
THICK - "Bumming Me Out"görünümler 16 B23 gün önce
3:50Early Eyes - "I'm Enough"
Early Eyes - "I'm Enough"görünümler 19 B29 gün önce
3:25Neverkept - "Complicated"
Neverkept - "Complicated"görünümler 45 BAylar önce
0:32The Garden - Dumpster
The Garden - Dumpstergörünümler 18 BAylar önce
3:29Greer - "Song For Me"
Greer - "Song For Me"görünümler 12 BAylar önce
3:20The Frights - "25" (Full Album Stream)
The Frights - "25" (Full Album Stream)görünümler 2 BAylar önce
4:30The Frights - "Faceless Moon" (Full Album Stream)
4:35The Frights - "Love Grows Cold"
The Frights - "Love Grows Cold"görünümler 3,7 BAylar önce
3:06The Frights - "All I Ask" (Full Album Stream)
The Frights - "All I Ask" (Full Album Stream)görünümler 2,2 BAylar önce
4:23The Frights - "Kicking Cans" (Full Album Stream)
2:29The Frights - "24" (Full Album Stream)
The Frights - "24" (Full Album Stream)görünümler 4,5 BAylar önce
3:33The Frights - "Leave Me Alone"
The Frights - "Leave Me Alone"görünümler 23 BAylar önce
1:17Nascar Aloe - "IRAQ (IWRECK)"
Nascar Aloe - "IRAQ (IWRECK)"görünümler 71 BAylar önce
3:19The Garden - "Clench To Stay Awake"
The Garden - "Clench To Stay Awake"görünümler 36 BAylar önce
3:07THICK - "5 Years Behind"
THICK - "5 Years Behind"görünümler 22 BAylar önce
2:33guccihighwaters - "highschool" (Lyric Video)
guccihighwaters - "highschool" (Lyric Video)görünümler 106 B2 aylar önce
3:41LiL Lotus - "Never Get Away"
LiL Lotus - "Never Get Away"görünümler 275 B2 aylar önce
19:03Bad Religion Christmas Yule Log
Bad Religion Christmas Yule Loggörünümler 70 B3 aylar önce
3:00La Dispute - "RHODONITE AND GRIEF" (Kitty Remix)
3:59Remo Drive - "Shakin'" (Erik Paulson Mix)
Remo Drive - "Shakin'" (Erik Paulson Mix)görünümler 7 B2 aylar önce
3:53Falling In Reverse - "Popular Monster"
Falling In Reverse - "Popular Monster"görünümler 13 Mn3 aylar önce
3:59The Ghost Inside - "Mercy" (Live at The Shrine)
The Ghost Inside - "Mercy" (Live at The Shrine)görünümler 155 B3 aylar önce
4:08Architects - "A Wasted Hymn" (Acoustic)
Architects - "A Wasted Hymn" (Acoustic)görünümler 246 B3 aylar önce
3:24Raised Fist - "Unsinkable II" (Full Album Stream)
2:48Raised Fist - "We Are Here" (Full Album Stream)
2:36Raised Fist - "Polarized" (Full Album Stream)
Raised Fist - "Polarized" (Full Album Stream)görünümler 15 B3 aylar önce
3:25Raised Fist - "Oblivious" (Full Album Stream)
Raised Fist - "Oblivious" (Full Album Stream)görünümler 20 B3 aylar önce
2:45Raised Fist - "Shadows" (Full Album Stream)
Raised Fist - "Shadows" (Full Album Stream)görünümler 20 B3 aylar önce
2:40Raised Fist - "Murder" (Full Album Stream)
Raised Fist - "Murder" (Full Album Stream)görünümler 31 B3 aylar önce
3:01Raised Fist - "Seventh" (Full Album Stream)
Raised Fist - "Seventh" (Full Album Stream)görünümler 38 B3 aylar önce
2:36HUNNY - "Saturday Night" (feat. Bleached)
HUNNY - "Saturday Night" (feat. Bleached)görünümler 32 B3 aylar önce
2:49Raised Fist - "Venomous"
Raised Fist - "Venomous"görünümler 266 B3 aylar önce
3:54Too Close To Touch - "Chasing Highs"
Too Close To Touch - "Chasing Highs"görünümler 46 B3 aylar önce
3:24Too Close To Touch - "Comatose" (Full Album Stream)
3:50Teenage Wrist - "Mary"
Teenage Wrist - "Mary"görünümler 15 B4 aylar önce
2:24Ariel View - "Ecstasy" (Full Album Stream)
Ariel View - "Ecstasy" (Full Album Stream)görünümler 3,5 B4 aylar önce
3:02Ariel View - "New York" (Full Album Stream)
Ariel View - "New York" (Full Album Stream)görünümler 7544 aylar önce
3:18Ariel View - "How Much Longer" (Full Album Stream)
2:58Ariel View - "Gone" (Full Album Stream)
Ariel View - "Gone" (Full Album Stream)görünümler 1,1 B4 aylar önce
2:52Ariel View - "Pretty Flowers" (Full Album Stream)
3:44Ariel View - "Succubus" (Full Album Stream)
Ariel View - "Succubus" (Full Album Stream)görünümler 1,5 B4 aylar önce
2:24Ariel View - "Homespun" (Full Album Stream)
Ariel View - "Homespun" (Full Album Stream)görünümler 4,1 B4 aylar önce
4:05Claw Hammer - "William Tell"
Claw Hammer - "William Tell"görünümler 2 B4 aylar önce
3:20Culture Abuse - "Calm E"
Culture Abuse - "Calm E"görünümler 18 B4 aylar önce
3:48Raised Fist - "Into This World"
Raised Fist - "Into This World"görünümler 399 B4 aylar önce
3:11Ariel View - "Midnight" (Full Album Stream)
Ariel View - "Midnight" (Full Album Stream)görünümler 6 B4 aylar önce
3:18Off With Their Heads - "Disappear" (Director's Cut)
3:54The Menzingers - "Last To Know" (Full Album Stream)
3:19The Menzingers - "London Drugs" (Full Album Stream)
2:45The Menzingers - "Portland" (Full Album Stream)
4:28The Menzingers - "Hello Exile" (Full Album Stream)
4:04Remo Drive - "Separate Beds (We've Got A Good Thing)"
2:59Remo Drive - "Romeo"
Remo Drive - "Romeo"görünümler 53 B5 aylar önce
3:38Ariel View - "Summertime"
Ariel View - "Summertime"görünümler 10 B5 aylar önce
5:37Thrice - "Beyond The Pines" (Lyric Video)
Thrice - "Beyond The Pines" (Lyric Video)görünümler 578 B7 aylar önce
3:03The Menzingers - "Strangers Forever"
The Menzingers - "Strangers Forever"görünümler 224 B5 aylar önce
3:57Bad Religion 'Age Of Unreason' Mini Doc
Bad Religion 'Age Of Unreason' Mini Docgörünümler 32 B5 aylar önce
2:39Save Face - "Teenagers" (Cover)
Save Face - "Teenagers" (Cover)görünümler 21 B5 aylar önce
2:39Raised Fist - "Anthem" (Official Lyric Video)
Raised Fist - "Anthem" (Official Lyric Video)görünümler 560 B5 aylar önce
3:33Touché Amoré - "Deflector"
Touché Amoré - "Deflector"görünümler 38 B6 aylar önce
3:48Ariel View - "Until My Lungs Are Cleared"
Ariel View - "Until My Lungs Are Cleared"görünümler 12 B5 aylar önce
3:07Remo Drive - "Nearly Perfect"
Remo Drive - "Nearly Perfect"görünümler 27 B5 aylar önce
3:55Save Face - "Bummer"
Save Face - "Bummer"görünümler 45 B6 aylar önce
3:18The Sidekicks - "Feed II"
The Sidekicks - "Feed II"görünümler 9 B6 aylar önce
3:57The Menzingers - "America (You're Freaking Me Out)"
2:50Off With Their Heads - "Death" (Full Album Stream)
3:32Off With Their Heads - "Trash It" (Full Album Stream)
3:41Ariel View - "Friday Nights" (Lyric Video)
Ariel View - "Friday Nights" (Lyric Video)görünümler 17 B7 aylar önce
3:09HUNNY - "Ritalin" (Full Album Stream)
HUNNY - "Ritalin" (Full Album Stream)görünümler 5 B7 aylar önce


  • Not the real Epitaph Records anymore... You guys are uploading this... crap...

  • Unrealistic beauty standards for women are perpetuated predominantly by gay men dictating aesthetics in fashion and ‘feminist activists’ like ‘empowered’ model Emily Ratajkowski et al - So much for solidarity at the ‘intersection’. If ‘doing your job’ in this context means inadvertently producing a full blown critique of your own thesis then by all means carry on - it’s certainly entertaining.

  • Is it just me or should there be a piano tutorial of this? Its one of the few songs I just heared on autoplay and had to check on for the title so I could remember it, u gained a new fan from this c:

  • Okay, I keep getting these stupid comments at me over what is said. I like the song, that noted. If I had wrote a song and got it posted like this artist and it was god based I would catch all kinds of "hell" pun intended. Whereas this song can get away saying "where is your god" or "non believer" and it's perfectly accepted. For those who couldn't catch that... reading comprehension goes a long long way...

  • Sooo im driving home from work right and i turn to 97.9 on the radio and THIS SONG WAS PLAYING. I couldnt believe it. I have never heard Falling in Reverse on the radio!! That was such a holy shit moment. Like Ronnie man, you guys are becoming huge. So much love for this band ❤

  • My friend literally showed me this today and it’s feb 2020 and i can’t believe i never heard this earlier, this song messed me up bad 😔

  • What utter gibberish

  • I was 9 years old when this video came out and I loved this song lol. All the emo/post-hardcore music was cool and still is lol. Good times. Classic ETF

  • Someone needs to mansplain to them how to shave jesus.

  • i wish i could listen to this album for the first time again

  • Move out of your parents house..... there, I said it.

  • k

  • Думаю я не один долбаёб что пришел после So Mori)

  • 3.6k self hating teenage emo kids downvoted.....dont worry kids, life gets worse, welcome to the shit show.

  • 2020 🖤

  • Well when I can see whats coming already it kind of ruins it. Cool song but still the topic is lame, I'm guessing you'll get a reaction and some PR out of this which is GOOD ! So just don't over react to the negative criticism. And by a look at the comments there's an abundance of it. FYI: Just a cool fact for everyone. did you know girls were in bands as long as 2017 ! But Sorry no girls were EVER in bands or even played an instrument before that date though. So..... anyway yeah

  • Wow, this is good

  • If this doesn't work out.. they can always get signed with Buzzfeed

  • There are good woman musicians/bands, then there is THICK. This song is trash, who ever let you release this should be sued.

  • There have been some great female bands. This isn’t one of them. Trash.

  • this is one of the greatest songs ever to be made where both lyrics and music are on point does any one know where to buy their album in lossless format I'm trying to get build a physical music collection

  • This song is a amazing!!! Just found it - sharing with everyone I know. Excellent work!

  • У ai mori лучше получилось)

  • STFU and make me a sammich

  • Wahhh wahhhh wahhhh

  • Badass \m/

  • 🤘🤪🤘

  • I just came here for the new drop, now im getting my reccomended consumed by my middle school music. And all i have to say is oh no, why you do me like that?

  • i think you should create families and have kids instead creating teenage garbage music

  • The original still make me cry. This one is, cool.

  • Chug chug chug

  • This song is legendary! How'd you get that Moog sound at 0:51?

  • i felt.. so much pain while listening to this. i’m just in complete awe of ronnie. literally just fell in love with his talent all over again just like i did when i was 13 years old and discovering escape the fate for the first time.

  • Viva El Trumpo.

  • I seen a homeless walking on the sidewalk , his feet were cricket and he can barley walk , i thought about this song so I came back to listen and I’m in tears 😢

  • We need a making of the video! Stat lol

  • AAAAA!!!! Sargon This is GOLD KeK has been here

  • Afi who

  • покруче чем ковер от ал мори

  • Música fodah pra tomar um banho geladoh

  • " no men where harmed in the making of this video." THEN WHY AM I IN PAIN; KAREN?

  • Would love to see the stats for this upload, any money if it was not for Men this would have only been played at the monthly feminazi meeting. See girls you will always need mens appeasement or in this case...

  • It must suck having such amazing lives without any real problems, having to make up fake shit like this for attention.. meanwhile in EVERY Islamic country, women are actually being oppressed :) nice try tho you pathetic 1st world thots.

  • My ex introduced me to this group and it pains me that we didn't have more time to listen to them together. All their music is beautiful and meaningful in such amazing corners of my psyche. I love the darkness and the pain in their music. It makes my soul feel alive again. Thank you Tina for sharing them with me and I will always love you.

  • Really Happy This Song Grew On Me. 🖤

  • *I'm searching for a way out" ♥️

  • He reminds me of Nikki Sixx

  • 80's hair metal re-imagined

  • Bad Religion (epitaph) label got me here. Me like , i admit their name did it, I had to click

  • Trash-tier music, and totally unnecessary divisiveness.

  • Terrifying, why'd I click, serves me right was only looking for more Bad Religion songs

  • in love

  • “Every single f*cling day I get closer to the grave, I’m terrified” *heavy breathing*

  • 🔌🔥🖥️

  • Not much makes me go "What The F#$&" but well played sir 👍

  • See u boys March 26 2020. In the O.C.

  • memories of my childhood....great upload.

  • #SkaffHitItFirst

  • Every punk band cites Misfits as their inspiration, but in reality it's Descendants.

  • Песня, музыка, клип очень классные! Звук огонь!)

  • JEFFREE? Is that you?

  • Omg yes thank you

  • Musical genius... R.R 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Thank you for blessing this man with so many talents... I can relate to almost all his song's.. 😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Middle paek

  • When I die I hope I get to see my life going along with lil lotus music and tegan and Sara

  • Punk rock has always been a far left movement. you right leaning fucks were never punk you just sucked a playing the guitar. stop listening to ben shapiro and go listen to a fuckin mischief brew album

  • Still jammin in 2020😂😂

  • Misery isn't something to get off of so easily. I've replayed this song constantly the last 2 weeks. The difference from the original..... perfection. You'd never know it was the same song or singer

  • Red drummer 😂

  • 4:52 Though!

  • Go make a sandwich

  • It's great to see women failing on their own merits.

  • Love you Ronnie... I am a convert to and a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I am 10 years strong recovering alcoholic/addict and will never be completely healed (thorn in the flesh). I have found relief through working the twelve steps in AA and go to a church group Addiction Recovery Program as well. I stay sober through the active effort of working the steps everyday with the wisdom and knowledge of the serenity prayer. I wish to share my testimony with you of being sustained in this fallen world through a power greater than myself. I know the struggle of surrender and letting everything go. It sucks. Being vulnerable is the scariest thing in the world, but on the other side is miracles & the greater knowledge that passeth all understanding. That power to me is through the Atonement of Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost. Your music moves me, and I truly empathize with you my brother (tears down my face when I listen to your music). I am so proud of the work you have done in creating Falling in Reverse, also with your new life of becoming a new creature everyday. We are all strangers and pilgrims in this world and that is why we will never fully feel comfortable on earth while we are here. At times my mind has split, and I have felt like I am going insane, keeping my demons and the other dark forces at bay. I have come to understand this is the great probation and testing ground. When anyone is ready for further light and knowledge all they have to do is ask sincerely in faith, and with a little patience and they will find it. Again, many thanks for you and your band that creates such awesome music (understatement).

  • Where is the mention of Corey Taylor? Have him in a song but no credit?

  • 0:31 yep we did! love u 🖤

  • Omg ...wat fuking rock have I been hiding under !?

  • Because until this song there have never been any great rocker women that didn't need a man's help? OK then...Judy Henske, Patti Smith, Pat Benatar, Grace Slick, Stevie Nicks, Janis Joplin, Joan Jett....just to name a very few of them. Shall I mansplain a bit more?

  • Amazing song. Gave me chills!


  • I’ve known Ronnie since Escape the Fate and have always loved his style ❤️

  • as a love and sex addict I totally relate

  • Didn't realise that misandry could be a music genre. Willing to bet the next song will be "Why are we stuck with cats?"

  • This is cancer

  • Is this a joke? This is horrible.

  • Full Retarded Video!

  • Me and some kid in my class sat and talked about Falling In Reverse my entire math class✌🏼😗

  • this made me so emotional. this goes so hard.

  • 78% of the cost was a ripoff

  • I will never not love Ronnie 😭💕

  • I love how it goes from feeling depressed, to being fucking depressed, to being suicidal and insane and violent

  • I wish someone would've mansplained to you on how to make a decent song

  • Why?

  • 2020 & still love it...😘😘

  • Long time emo fan. This shit rocks. From Tampa too

  • Instead of promoting bigotry & hate these women should've focused on learning to sing & play their instruments. I'm sure they'll blame all the down votes to 'toxic masculinity'.

  • Oh my God Jeffree star!

  • this band should have been so much biggger

  • Sadly these people are apart of the human race, sorry I don’t want to upset them huwoman race