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1:08:45Assassin’s Creed Revelations: Ending | Ubisoft [NA]
1:12:35Far Cry New Dawn: New Year's Livestream | Ubisoft [NA]
1:14:25Steep Holiday Event Gameplay | Ubisoft [NA]
Steep Holiday Event Gameplay | Ubisoft [NA]görünümler 22 B2 aylar önce
0:53For Honor: Seasonal Event Teaser | Ubisoft [NA]
0:46One year of FAM | Ubisoft Canada
One year of FAM | Ubisoft Canadagörünümler 3832 aylar önce
0:46Un an de FAM | Ubisoft Canada
Un an de FAM | Ubisoft Canadagörünümler 1382 aylar önce
1:07:21Anno 1800: The Passage DLC Livestream | Ubisoft [NA]
1:14Anno 1800: The Passage DLC Trailer | Ubisoft [NA]


  • Still the best game of all assassins creed franchise, you missed that with the new games UBISOFT, make a game again like this please.

  • Doc looks so handsome

  • Sam fisher elite for maverick

  • Buff shinobi Also i have tried to log into for honor 146 times as of now. I have 26 ping wifi. Your servers are trash Please fix your servers

  • Hubier preferido un medjay para origins

  • too bad they ruined this game by making it a fully online experience

  • Man those apex animations sure got popular huh ubisoft. Bastion of new ideas as usual.

  • we need to buy it or its a free update?

  • was this like paintball or real bullets??????????

  • Miss aiden pearce ;(

  • Its time to yeehaw Keener

  • 2:41 Oryx: **shoves Iana** Iana: woawoawooaowooaa

  • O faye knows what needs too be done too get results...... you mean she sent us out too do everything while she faked her bloody leg being hurt.

  • Let's all pray for Alan

  • Why they didn't use her likeness?! She is gorgeous!😊💗

  • You know the rules pulse clutch or kick

  • what ever happen to this amazing game? :/

  • This, showdown, and outbreak are porbaly the best event every

  • Spartans creeds

  • Well now I know why they changed the voice actors for Mira and Hibana.

  • I cannot wait for the Kool Aid references to come pouring in

  • You have completely and utterly missed the mark with this release. Go back and look at your cinematic story releases for Div1 and then give your heads a shake.

  • She looks more greek than the character in game.

  • So the ARX on Iana is now going to be the least used weapon in the entire game lol.

  • i remember shooting the dogs in the first division. this is our redemption time

  • Those aren’t the rabbids

  • (**** u 4 what u did) every update u make ths* game be dead 💀... We don’t need updates just make glitch stop that’s all ,..make a good service that’s all,..why aramusha dmg26????realy are u dumb? He fights with a two srd” so it must be a high dmg not26 , what u did🤷🏻‍♂️don’t do anything u make a bad t our days don’t do something 👍🏻we needs to return a last update👍🏻 if u don’t know what u do ask me it’s easy I don’t know why u did this

  • My favorite part was when the screen held and kept me at age-restricted while trying to watch this.

  • These cinematics give me fuckin' goosebumps.

  • Really wish Vivian looked this way in game

  • Save my renown for IAna

  • Revert nobushi and shinobi to there was of ways please

  • Fix shinobi and nobushi

  • Game is fucking dead, give it up

  • Pulse is now Team Rainbow's resident simp. I know Cav gave him an earful for that foolishness.

  • No this does not go with D1 story :(disappointed they chose to use this as a small story). AK was supposed to of left NY.

  • where are the power-ups??? wait a minute, that's another game

  • Looks fun, I wish vehicle can get power up

  • U can see stadium in the background

  • Just Dance Unlimited (New Songs) March 12, 2020: * Irish Meadow Dance (JD2016) (Free) March 19, 2020: * ??? (Exclusive) April 16, 2020: * ??? (Exclusive) * Giddy on Up (Giddy on Out) (JD3) April 23, 2020: * ??? (Exclusive) * Disturbia (JD4) April 30, 2020: * ??? (Exclusive) * Electric Boy (JDWiiUJP) Please!

  • Sledge: I've had had enough of this shiet *throws grenade into crowd*

  • Make the movie yesterday.

  • You know you could make this into a series and it will be far more popular than the game it's over.

  • Oe en t ro loko oe zi en t ra guena oe zolo falta la part en porngu p ro en t ro guena sii

  • Wait a minute that voice... Is Stone mountain64?

  • I liked Syndicate, but I think I would've liked it more if I hadn't been forced to play Jacob at all...just something about him I didn't like.

  • I like the idea of being a rogue agent

  • I want it qwq

  • Christ I quit this game after Parabellum and it’s so sad to see how much of a dumpster fire it’s become. I always get tempted to start playing but then I see these fortnite gadget X-men operators being released that keeps me away.

  • Ugly

  • Is this supposed to be based before the first one or after it

  • No wonder Aaron is stronger than most agents... he can stand up after being downed even without a reviver tool

  • im crying this is a dlc instead of another division episode.

  • Wow so well made and interesting concept

  • That last smirk can melt reinforcements better than thermite

  • *turns to my Division character* Pack your bags, Lovering. We're heading back to the Big Apple.

  • All of us here can’t deny Mira is looking cute thooo 😂

  • Can you bring out Tesla’s that would be great

  • just get him.. his old. he knows. he knows whats for the best. he maybe saved her or the whole moment. but these kind of girls are just what he needs.

  • I'd be lying if I said I missed old siege that was basically a game of rock paper scissors with every operator having their own unique ability that was strong against certain operators and weak against others. Now it feels like Rock paper scissors *G U N*

  • Keener: you think you can win Player: lets see thier only... 1, 2, 3 ,4 ,5... Five! of you Keener: well? Player: loged out ( i win)

  • Before i got division 2 i thought it was going to be a lot like the conversion from destiny 1 to destiny 2 were it was the same character

  • The amount off people who don't know the difference between remaster and remake is to damn high

  • I am going straight to that puppy.

  • The game no one asked for

  • This is the best game trailer I’ve seen, props to ubi

  • The Division 2 for pc on uplay is $3.00

  • If only the rest of the division story was this interesting

  • Why isnt docs face at 3:15 a meme, like its just so memish to me for some reason.

  • I don't play multi-player but finished the campaign single player and absolutely loved it. This looks great. Definitely need to pick it up. Too bad I'm backlogged as it is. I'm about 3/4 through Greedfall, and have both Control and Metro Exodus in my collection that I need to finish first. I'll get it eventually- hopefully in a PS Plus sale.

  • need an active clan on ps4. i have't done Raid -_-

  • If this was a real game the attackers would of got spawn peeked

  • Yo who else see the for honor helmets in the background 4:28

  • Is it included division 2 “gold edition” or there is separate purchase?

  • Cav: there's always next year Next year: *Jäger kills both GIGN Operators because they were making fun of him for losing his ACOG*

  • Is it included division 2 “gold edition” or there is separate purchase?

  • That is just fucking badass

  • art style like!

  • Prettttty gay

  • Yo is this sunset overdrive 2

  • This Was Fucking Awesome

  • We want police updates to the crew 2 tot you Kent drive police cars and game play (the crew 1 police game play type) Please

  • 3:13 I didn't notice that was Agent Kelso lol

  • Can we join Aaron?

  • That dogs head looked too big for its body.

  • Everyone talking about they're Division 1 and 2 characters fighting side by side; while I'm here thinking i played the same guy in both games cause he got transferred.

  • I love a good animated commercial

  • It all sounds good except... The free season track should be for all players regardless of the dlc purchase. Level 30 and level 40 alike. If people enjoy the free track and want to purchase the premium track then they can buy the dlc. I feel giving the seasons only to dlc owners is a poor choice.

  • Thatcher: INTERO INTERO!!!! *leaves game*

  • Will the virus still be a threat??? And personally for me I don’t like this type of style or making it over hype but oh well

  • Swamp`? Would be funny if the boss says something like:" get out of my swamp"

  • Ac 4 is still the best assassin creed game

  • Ubi soft is hot ubisoft is sexy I will flick ubi right into their plexi

  • Please fix breakpoint!!

  • lovely content

  • I can't play this game anymore. This has nothing to do with realistic operators or police-special forces at all. This is getting just more and more futuristic bullshit

  • Weeee neeeed Rayman Ubisoft 💔 i think the company just ignore this legendary game

  • Another Ubitrash game. What else is new🤣🤣🤣💩💩💩

    • @jmhellison You mean Breakpoint right?

    • @jmhellison Ok random (btw its impossible to take you seriously if you use cringy emotes lmao)

    • @theyoutendoclub Ghost Recon Wildlands was a disaster, so what are you talking about? You're a scrub catering to a 💩💩💩 Company. Good luck with the glitches and micro transactions👍👍👍

    • hey, 2014 called out, they want their ubihate back!

  • Based on the comments I can tell this game has lots of hype around it, oh nvm nobody gonna see this comment

    • Kyoto x no problem😄

    • You guys are great thanks for taking a perfectly good comment and making me hate the joke’s vulnerability

    • Ronny • and I

    • Ronny • I Saw it