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2:30PETER - Spider-Man Trailer (Logan Style)
PETER - Spider-Man Trailer (Logan Style)görünümler 5 Mn2 yıl önce
6:28Darth Vader Remembers Anakin Skywalker (Flashbacks)


  • I LOVE that thumbnail

  • Charlie Hunnam should play Edward Kenway. Black Flag was the best.

  • Yo creo que John wick debió ser Batman no esté Crepúsculo

  • Jurassic world 3 isn't coming out in 2021 I'm pretty sure. They already started fliming

  • naah i highly doubt that theres gonna be a Back to the future IV seeing as all the actors are old and 1 has got parkinsons disease and it just wouldnt be the same without them

  • I think Hemsworth is good. But I don’t think he has the complete chill persona needed. Someone like a Charlie Hunnam would be perfect in my opinion

  • Chrishemsworth side view with long hair ... Looks somewhat like Paul walker.. 😅

  • The music reminds me of the Batman Animated Series actually

  • I dunno why but I feel like Matt Ryan would be the perfect choice for Edward Kenway

  • Me: Long live the King! Random guy/woman: Who? Me: Umm.... Idk maybe nobody?

  • Bad luck to kill seabird

  • Imagine if this movie was animated think of how much hate it will get

  • *can 1 direction unite just like this?*

  • Ive loved the idea of robert pattinson as batman since i fucking heard it you got this shit my man.

  • I was excited 🤤 for a good minute until I saw concept 😢😭

  • He is free from his sparkle skin

  • Chris could pull it off.

  • Screw this it's depressing I want Bale o Affleck back !!!!

  • I thought this the moment I started the game! Let’s get this done!

  • All these clips are from the game.. except for the ones of chris hemsworth

  • This is an enjoyable tease of what to come.

  • Don't play with my feeling. Fingers crossed 🤞🏼🤞🏼

  • This is krazy!!!!!

  • the heart of the see vs assassin

  • How can DC movies employ an actor as batman when he is an irresponsible dog owner who lets his dog force itself onto other dogs. willy nilly. sad.

  • Here's another DC failure, lmao!

  • 0:40 0:43 Nice edits

  • why do they make this trailer, it's nnot even Jurassic World. It starts off with Godzilla: King of the Monsters.

  • Hello there


  • Give Willem Dafoe a damn JOKER role NOW. And yes, make Scorsese the director and you'll have the best Joker film ever.

  • That's a mix from the game, pirates of the carribean and in the heart of the sea

  • this movie shoudn't bin made dc shoud focus on new stuff cristain bale in batman was the best batman

  • This is the ride at Disney world

  • New song for the Batman soundtrack!

  • No just no please stop switching people :(

  • Who’s here after the announcement of the friends reunion?

  • The cape makes me think he’s Damian and not Bruce lol

  • Kong should be able out run out speed out think Godzilla and use tree's as Club to knock Godzilla in the head - I hope they do not make Kong slow.

  • Si este tráiler ubiese sido real Avengers 5 saldría para el 2035

  • I Like The Music You've Placed In Here. What Is It??

  • I am somewhat annoyed that Portman was casted for this role since she virtually turned her back on the movies until now. She wasn't content as a supporting character but as a lead, "Oh yes, absolutely count me in"... especially after she saw and realized how huge the franchise really is.

  • Captain Falcon

  • I thought I was watching Cloverfield or hostel in the beginning smh lol

  • Idk why tf this was in my Google News feed, but I approve of a Black Flag Assassin's Creed movie 100%

  • Wolverine wont be introduced in the MCU until phase 5

  • i am going to cheer for godzilla do you know why becuase he could just use his fire power in king of the monsters


  • Eso es de piratas del caribe

  • godzila

  • Aí meu coração * -- *.

  • From where are these clips taken??

  • Edward kenway whatt

  • What is a King to a God?

  • Ya know these are all just clips editors together from other superhero movies. Notice I said superhero movies not marvel movies, I did this because they literally stole a clip from justice league at 00:07

  • Night wing? I thought he was Robin

  • I love both. But... I'm always, ALWAYS... gonna be team GODZILLA!🦖💜

  • This is going to be sofa-king good.

  • I'm here after the Dominion title announcement. Who else?

  • Every scene they showed is from different marvel movies mashed together. They just used c.g.i. to give falcon a capt. America theme in some of the shots.

  • Omg my all time favourite game even have the tattoos 😍 and to see Chris can't believe how much he wld pull Edward kenway off 👌👌😁 defo a must

  • Блять ну что за хуета

  • Awwww I wanna cry so harddddd

  • Mto bem, BatBeto!!!!

  • This fight is no contest

  • estragou tudo..

  • I find the lack of clone wars scenes disturbing

  • They always make the weirdest casting choices for Batman movies but somehow it works every time Except Leto, Jesus Christ what the fuck was that?

  • I hope that ain't the last one otherwise PEOPLE GONNA DIE TONIGHT

  • Nightwing

  • What if, starting this year, F.R.I.E.N.D.S goes on for another 10 years?

  • That is true ?

  • Bruce Cullen, Batvampire is Bruce Cullen.

  • i would like to see matt ryan

  • How’d you make this look so real?

  • I’m so fucking hyped

  • Still like christian bale as batman.

  • It's not real

  • 😞

  • Should have tried to get Tom Hardy. This Batman is gonna be crap.

    • @Rory you should check out Robert Pattinson in The lighthouse & good time. He's a phenomenal actor who happened to star in some mediocre films

    • I just remembered that he already played bane. He’s such a great actor, you can barely recognise him in each role.

    • said everyone when ben affleck was cast as batman years ago

  • 진짜로 하이스쿨 뮤지컬4 나오는 줄 알고 좋아했는데..........가짜 예고편이였다니.......

  • Batman woolie bobble hat

  • Batman is my least favorite comic character.... There's not much you can do with his character except dress him up like a bat and drive him off in a coachroach looking vehicle.

  • if we see ben is cole still gonna play him

  • Damn your good!, a game cut cut scenes and a movie combined just perfect 👌😏

  • U all know this is not real.. Lot of clips they took from previous movies

  • Cool, Batman's cool but do we need another Batman, so soon? A reboot should be at least 15 years or more.

  • 10 points for huffle puf

  • Please makee no effort to be the friends cast..we love you guy just be yourselves and we will love you like we always did...🥰

  • jurassic evil 3 - extinction T-virus(Tyrannosaurus)

  • I wish this was real but for anyone who can't see those are clips from "Heart of the sea" and "Pirates of the Caribbean"

  • Matt Ryan needs to star in it

  • Oh Cedric, you’re back

  • Twilight prequel

  • What is the name of that sad music az the end of the video? 5:57

  • Everyhing is perfect unless the fact that edward kenway is 5'10 while chris hemsworth is 6'3 ,it's weird to see tall edward.....😉

  • I really hope to see nightwing or robin in the movie

  • U know a movies gonna be ad when they dlnt show any scenes

  • They couldn’t have just gone with the actor that voiced Edward Kenway?

  • I reallllyyy have hope that this’ll be good.