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7:52Jaden - Ninety
Jaden - Ninetygörünümler 3,2 Mn15 gün önce
4:45Jaden - Again
Jaden - Againgörünümler 14 Mn6 aylar önce
1:43Jaden - Fire Dept
Jaden - Fire Deptgörünümler 2,1 Mn10 aylar önce
7:51Jaden - ERYS (Official Audio)
Jaden - ERYS (Official Audio)görünümler 880 B11 aylar önce
4:36Jaden - Riot (Official Audio)
Jaden - Riot (Official Audio)görünümler 2 Mn11 aylar önce
4:04Jaden - On My Own ft. Kid Cudi (Official Audio)
Jaden - On My Own ft. Kid Cudi (Official Audio)görünümler 3,5 Mn11 aylar önce
2:14Jaden - Chateau ft. A$AP Rocky (Official Audio)
Jaden - Chateau ft. A$AP Rocky (Official Audio)görünümler 959 B11 aylar önce
6:14Jaden - Pain (Official Audio)
Jaden - Pain (Official Audio)görünümler 744 B11 aylar önce
6:40Jaden - Blackout (Official Audio)
Jaden - Blackout (Official Audio)görünümler 759 B11 aylar önce
4:12Jaden - Mission ft. Trinidad James (Official Audio)
1:44Jaden - Fire Dept (Official Audio)
Jaden - Fire Dept (Official Audio)görünümler 423 B11 aylar önce
1:19Jaden - Got It (Official Audio)
Jaden - Got It (Official Audio)görünümler 572 B11 aylar önce
4:31Jaden - Again ft. SYRE (Official Audio)
Jaden - Again ft. SYRE (Official Audio)görünümler 2,4 Mn11 aylar önce
3:58Jaden - i-drip-or-is (Official Audio)
Jaden - i-drip-or-is (Official Audio)görünümler 1 Mn11 aylar önce
4:10Jaden - NOIZE ft. Tyler, The Creator (Official Audio)
4:37Jaden, Lido - K (Official Audio)
Jaden, Lido - K (Official Audio)görünümler 1,9 Mn11 aylar önce
3:52Jaden - N (Official Audio)
Jaden - N (Official Audio)görünümler 2,3 Mn11 aylar önce
2:11Jaden - I (Official Audio)
Jaden - I (Official Audio)görünümler 2,5 Mn11 aylar önce
2:49Jaden - P (Official Audio)
Jaden - P (Official Audio)görünümler 1,6 Mn11 aylar önce
3:37Jaden - SOHO
Jaden - SOHOgörünümler 9 MnYıl önce
3:12Jaden - Watch Me (Remix)
Jaden - Watch Me (Remix)görünümler 3,2 MnYıl önce
3:08Jaden - A Calabasas Freestyle
Jaden - A Calabasas Freestylegörünümler 11 MnYıl önce
3:26Jaden - GOKU
Jaden - GOKUgörünümler 14 MnYıl önce
2:29Jaden - Plastic
Jaden - Plasticgörünümler 14 MnYıl önce
3:13Jaden - GOKU (Audio)
Jaden - GOKU (Audio)görünümler 3,8 MnYıl önce
4:37Jaden - The Passion
Jaden - The Passiongörünümler 5 MnYıl önce
7:01Jaden - Icon? - Electric
Jaden - Icon? - Electricgörünümler 1,8 MnYıl önce
6:13Jaden - Fallen - Electric
Jaden - Fallen - Electricgörünümler 523 BYıl önce
4:54Jaden - Lost Boy - Electric
Jaden - Lost Boy - Electricgörünümler 399 BYıl önce
4:55Jaden - Ninety - Electric
Jaden - Ninety - Electricgörünümler 299 BYıl önce
5:11Jaden - B - Electric
Jaden - B - Electricgörünümler 284 BYıl önce
2:19Jaden - GHOST ft. Christian Rich (Official Video)
1:01The Father Complex Official Trailer
The Father Complex Official Trailergörünümler 197 BYıl önce
3:48Jaden - Icon (Remix) ft. Nicky Jam (Official Video)
0:50The Syre Movie Trailer
The Syre Movie Trailergörünümler 369 B2 yıl önce
0:31Jaden - Watch Me Teaser
Jaden - Watch Me Teasergörünümler 129 B2 yıl önce
2:45Scarface   JADEN
Scarface JADENgörünümler 321 B4 yıl önce
3:23Blue Ocean   JADEN
Blue Ocean JADENgörünümler 176 B4 yıl önce
0:56Téo   ER the Faculty feat  JADEN
Téo ER the Faculty feat JADENgörünümler 85 B4 yıl önce
4:37The Worst Jhené Aiko ft Jaden
The Worst Jhené Aiko ft Jadengörünümler 368 B6 yıl önce
2:48Shakespeare - JADEN (Official Video)
Shakespeare - JADEN (Official Video)görünümler 1,2 Mn7 yıl önce
2:53Hello (Official Video) - JADEN
Hello (Official Video) - JADENgörünümler 2 Mn7 yıl önce
3:38JADEN - MSFTS Anthem 2
JADEN - MSFTS Anthem 2görünümler 315 B7 yıl önce
4:24JADEN - Kite ft. Willow (Prod. By Téo)
JADEN - Kite ft. Willow (Prod. By Téo)görünümler 1 Mn7 yıl önce
3:57JADEN-Higher Up Featuring Kid Cudi
JADEN-Higher Up Featuring Kid Cudigörünümler 331 B7 yıl önce
1:03Love for my MSFTS
Love for my MSFTSgörünümler 135 B7 yıl önce
3:35Love Me Like You Do - Jaden
Love Me Like You Do - Jadengörünümler 517 B7 yıl önce
3:15The Coolest - Jaden
The Coolest - Jadengörünümler 1,8 Mn7 yıl önce
5:41Find You Somewhere - AcE featuring Jaden and Willow
0:33The Coolest (Sneak Peek) - JADEN
The Coolest (Sneak Peek) - JADENgörünümler 346 B7 yıl önce
5:31Starry Room IIWII
Starry Room IIWIIgörünümler 345 B7 yıl önce
3:04Shakespeare - JADEN
Shakespeare - JADENgörünümler 195 B7 yıl önce
PUMPED UP KICKS (LIKE ME) - JADENgörünümler 461 B7 yıl önce
3:15Gonzoes - JADEN (Official Video)
Gonzoes - JADEN (Official Video)görünümler 1,6 Mn8 yıl önce
2:20Give It To Em' - JADEN (Official Video)
Give It To Em' - JADEN (Official Video)görünümler 1,6 Mn8 yıl önce
3:06JADEN - Flame (Just Cuz)
JADEN - Flame (Just Cuz)görünümler 1,3 Mn8 yıl önce


  • This song reminds me of Jaden Smith when he was The Karate Kid movie


  • Came here because I was feeding blue and now I'm feeling pink.

  • From growing up around the corner from your Dad in overbook, and watching all yall grow.. Its a blessing.. Tell your grandma, Gloria Thornton and our family say hello... Peace and love

  • MSFTS||| Till We Throw UP

  • Wow. This is pretty cool jeden. Prond of you

  • I hate you lol

  • this goes so hard

  • Honestly I just want a cashapp from lil bro for whatever he seen as worthy still some of the hardest songs underrated. Bruh cashapp I will go find jaden and return it to sign to jaden bro real shit samo guy

  • Lord have mercy that's some good music . Forgive me but cashapp $Stezeen1 . Needed it

  • This is the church from westworld ?

  • I luv this song 👍🏽🥵

  • isnt this the kid from karate kid, lol😂😂

  • I see the reason you waited this long Jaden, I Have to admit am touched 😢😢😢😢😢😢 #dopesuperVIDEO #Jaden

  • Joke

  • 1:20 what did he just trade!

  • Damn this song is hit

  • It’s rlly weird to see jaden with no eye brows, pink hair, tattoos on his face, cussing, and what I hope isn’t a cup of lean

  • 1:04 plz don’t tell me that’s what I think it is

  • i love u jaden

  • Flexin fake money LOL

  • When I listen to this song My heart went ouch , it's hurts

  • Fucking good song, like the Japanese stuff

  • I love this song, strong

  • buenardo

  • 2:42

  • name of modelo

  • Wouuu Jaden Sabes a mi me gustan mucho tus canciones

  • cayo muy bojo en men

  • Who hurt you Jaden ?🥺


  • ART

  • I wanna know who’s driving lol

  • jajajajajajjajajajajjajajajajajjajajajajajajajajaja

  • this song hits different now😔

  • Dem kid cudi vibes when the song switches up give me goose bumps everytime

  • Tira casaco bota casaco Acho q perdeu o rumo ninja

  • in love with the song since it came out, damn..

  • I dont get his message

  • I started watching and listening to him after I had a dream about meeting him in the weird situation (long story) the weird thing is I’ve only seen once on the news so idk why I dreamt it

  • the upcoming xxtenction

  • this music is a masterpiece, Saint-Denis (93200), FRANCE

  • Best cod sniper montage music trust me guys try it

  • The beat🔥

  • i just cant stop listening

  • Esta echo mierda

  • Jaden where are you? ... ? !!!

  • AMBU

  • utter fucking shit

  • Relevant

  • is there someone else here that thinks this and ICON are his only 2 good songs?

    • There’s more than that, his best 2 yes

  • Auto tune is harder than my dad’s belt

  • Crazy how Jaden can just switch up his whole style like that Like he went from icon to this two different vibes Truly talented 🔥👑

  • The people casually walking past like: 😯😶🤔😟

  • Do you even lift Bro?

  • can we talk about how in PINK, N and K goes hard

  • xD lol

  • Esto es un temazo wacho

  • Fakin stupid kids music.. Hate this jumping shit

  • when you realize those are monopoly money

  • The visual of this video are beautiful

  • Orange justice dancing fake 0:38

  • ジェイデンは日本好きなんかな? いや中国か?

  • We all dont come from Africa but this song dope asf

  • He looks dead outside. Why did he have to do so many drugs? He's talentless, always living in the shadow of his father. Like that kid from Ricky Gervais' joke about parenting.

  • This was before it’s time.

  • Finally this song is gonna get the recognition it deserves

  • Glad I gave it a listen. Great art. Love this!

  • i adore jaden

  • Finally!!!!

  • BRAVO JADEN❤👌❤❤❤👍👍👍🖤🖤🖤😘😘😘

  • No será que el ya sabía del corinavirus 😮😮 ese vídeo es del 2018

  • Lyrics Come here, mama, I know you want me Food from the soul, I know you're hungry Gave you my two cents, ain't got money, but I'll take you somewhere fun and tell you something funny, hey It's something funny, baby When I open my eyes, I wish to see you But your phone doesn't ring and you're gone all the time Well I guess you're somewhere with your crew Isn't the first time, but the worst time, and I'm feeling so blue You sit in your room and you listen to tunes And I'm feeling embarrassed, it's true You out there in Paris with who? When I open my eyes (eyes), I wish to see you But your phone doesn't ring and you're gone all the time Well I guess you're somewhere with your crew I'm at the SOHO House If you wanna come through, there's a seat just for you My prettiest secret, I hope that you keep it I'm blue as a piece of the moon and I know I'll be seeing you soon Axel--- trtorrent.info/PP1g8dWv_8K_sN91UZba77w

  • Mon idole👌😎

  • This is lit maaan🔥🔥


  • jaden e tyler❤️

  • To think this is The jaden smith from Karate kid , well done dude very proud

  • This is prefect for The Riot rn

  • If goku seez this guy he would probably blow him up

  • This is fuego 🔥 🔥 cheers from 🇩🇴

  • Pastilla pasada - Secta malvada: trtorrent.info/watch/fnKYiqxwZIF1la4.html

  • OMG. Cute little 3 years old explains what love is to her trtorrent.info/watch/onWVdqd_pJ98g9g.html

  • Okay but is “they stay attacking us, I’ma just weep on my willow” a double entendre where Willow is, the willow.

  • Went from karate kid to gangster

  • now im feel like a chi chi

  • good music jaden

  • 0:38 jaden having no money is cray cray 😞

  • 🇧🇷

  • This song takes me back to My Summer in SFO

  • Yeah...

  • We all come from Africa! Keep it real Jaden❤️👍🤗

  • If ever i heard Cudi vibes <3

  • Waited the whole video for the guy in the tesla to rap it is too fake and wtf was he supposed to be shaking or just weird

  • So COVID has been out there for almost 2 years , Chinas people ain’t serious 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂.

  • ยังโอมv2

  • The "N" Listening to this during 2020 🤯😔 and the riot.. it hits different. "Another young nigga gone in the sunset We were shootin' down the drones, we were upset They was comin' for my fam, homie, fuck that We was runnin' from the feds in the garden Oh, my rebel child, another died today Oh, my rebel child, the sun is gone away Oh, my rebel child, watch your back tonight Oh, my rebel child, you might lose your light Oh, my rebel child, another died today Oh, my rebel child, the sun is gone away Oh, my rebel child, watch your back tonight Oh, my rebel child, you might lose your light

  • 🍌🐵

  • Watching from Nigeria I love you jarden smith

  • Jarden smith am happy to meet you here once again